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Casino platform developed with Axon

Casumo is a technology startup formed in 2012, developing an award-winning online casino. Casumo’s concept is changing the common perception of casinos. Through design, technology, and innovation, and by ignoring preconceptions and rules, Casumo aims to disrupt a young and in many ways immature, industry. was built completely from scratch. It took less than a year to launch the system, and the first release at the end of 2012 included the complete platform, client applications, back office, and website.

Solution using Axon Framework

Casumo’s design was based on the business needs, meaning that everyone in the business is able to understand what every event means; the platform is modeled according to the business language.

In this design, CQRS denitely helped steer the project to the right design and Axon helped with modeling and solving common, nonfunctional problems. CQRS and event sourcing forced the construction of an understandable, scalable, and maintainable system.

“Axon Framework is aimed at making life easier for developers who want to create a java application based on the CQRS principles.”

Josef Galea, Architect at


Microservices, enabled by CQRS architecture, were used to help establish the scalable teams by mapping the problems to smaller chunks which could then be independently maintained by the teams. Finding the correct boundaries took some trial-and-error, with larger services eventually being split up and some smaller services merged during the development process.

Technical benchmarks

  • Hundreds of commands and thousands of events per second;
  • Event store with more than 2 billion events;
  • A single database handles the full load most of the time;
  • Custom-developed archival solution;

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Casino Platform - Technical Presentation

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