Design and development of website in Magnolia CMS

European Association for International Education (EAIE)

Founded in 1989, the EAIE is the acknowledged European leadership center for expertise, networking and resources in the internationalization of higher education.

As a non-profit, member-led organization, EAIE serves individuals actively involved in the internationalization of their institutions through a combination of training, conferences and knowledge acquisition and sharing.

It includes a mix of academic and non-academic professionals with best practices and workable solutions to internationalization challenges and provides a platform for strategic exchange.

They partner with key stakeholder organizations and institutions to promote their membership interests, and advance international higher education in Europe and the rest of the world.

Business challenge

Design & develop the new EAIE website in an flexible and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that:

  1. Reflects the new brand identity and is the new epic center of all EAIE communications activities
  2. Allows for the quick & easy set up of conference sites (site-in-site) & regular content updates
  3. Can be integrated with the existing IMIS application (an MySQL database) which contains all the member related data
  4. Encourages visitors to sign up for membership
  5. Has a secured content area for members to update and access their personal information

Project outline

Having understood the exact functionality requirements and communications objectives, Trifork recommended the use of the Magnolia CMS. Renowned for its ease of use, with little or no training, ability to introduce new content types per release, and in this instance the integration possibility with the existing IMIS database, this was the preferred choice of CMS.

Trifork has been responsible for the graphic design of the website and the development of the required functionality in Magnolia. The different templates and content types in the CMS are linked with the desired functionality and are defined per sprint. One of the key objectives of the website is to encourage visitors to sign up as new members. For this reason Trifork recommended the use of Magnolia plugins for Facebook, twitter and linked in, as a single social media bar, which is displayed on every page of the website.

The successful Magnolia integration with EAIE’s existing IMIS database was the greatest achievement in this project. The data content from IMIS is imported into a Magnolia data module, which in turn means there is limited dependency on the restrictions of the database. By logging into the site Magnolia offers members the possibility to access data in IMIS and tailor their own preferences through a user-friendly web interface in Magnolia. Workflow functionality is also set to be added in the future so that there will be pre-defined roles that can be assigned within the CMS to enable more advanced content management.

Furthermore, with a dedicated Member Centre integrated as part of the website, thousands of members have access to a platform of networking opportunities among themselves. This includes a forum, access to premium content such as downloads and with a built in email client, direct contact with other members in the community.

With an annual conference at the heart of what EAIE offers its members, the website features a built in conference planner and agenda builder. Members can tailor and maintain their personal preferences for the event and indicate the sessions they wish to attend during the conference. With the advanced search functionality members can use this feature to fill available slots in their personal conference planner. The plan is also to enhance this feature with a mobile version of the conference planner in future releases.

The WordPress blog which offers bloggers an ideal outlet to share knowledge and expertise with their global online community has also been designed by Trifork to offer enhanced features and reflect the new design of the website.



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