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Trifork has a strong background in the Education sector and has built a wide range of custom-built solutions for its customers. One of these solutions was based on what initially started as a competition set out by one of the leading Educational governmental institutes in the Netherlands; Kennisnet.

Their quest was simple; have teachers think up an innovative concept for digital learning. Despite being a prototype, the idea of an Adobe Flash based application was the basis for a concept whereby students could learn to write on a tablet PC or Digiboard and teachers could closely monitor and follow their progress.
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This idea made it into the Dutch news (Jeugdjournaal) and was heavily adapted by Dutch schools. Based on this success, Trifork decided to apply the same principle and to develop an application for encouraging children to learn to write at home. An iPad app was the obvious choice. Trifork came up with a colourful appealing design and designed an application specifically for this purpose. Implemented with the latest in Apple’s iOS features, it uses a smart technology under the hood to give instant feedback to children whilst they are writing. “Learn to write with Tracy” featured in the top 5 iPad apps for the category  
Education in Apple’s App Store. It’s been a popular download choice and already comes with several positive recommendations from the public. The press has also picked up on the launch and the app has also been mentioned by RTL Nieuws (a large Dutch television news service).

The Project

Learn to write with Tracy is an educative app for children aged between 4-7 years old to recognize and learn to write both letters & numbers. The app has been designed to encourage children to learn, stimulated with the sensation of a game-like experience. Children can learn to work independently and be motivated to progress further with the use of a graphical rewards system.
The key character in this app is Tracy, a smiley, happy caterpillar wandering through the garden. The educational game takes the child through a series of 76 different exercises. Each exercise requires the child to outline the shape of a letter or number following the arrows indicated on the touch screen. On every successfully completion the child receives a reward (much like a tick in the box, only here it’s a butterfly!). This is repeated 5 times and thereafter the child continues to the next exercise. To ensure that children stay engaged the exercises are grouped and offer various combinations of numbers, letters, capital letters and letter combinations.On completion of every group of exercises the child earns a fun  sticker. There are a total of eight stickers to collect. Children can use either their finger or a special (stylus) pen to do the exercises on the touch screen. The use of the pen is encouraged seen as this way the child not only learns the letters & numbers but also how to physically hold and write with a pen, which in turn develops their motor skills.
The same technology applied to this app can also be explored further for exploitation in language literacy, numeracy, languages and much more.


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