Complex Content Management System enabling an interactive communication platform


The prestigious project Overheidscommunicatie Nieuwe Stijl (ONS), which has been executed over the period 2008-2011, intended to develop a communication platform for all ministries to communicate about their tasks in an organised and flexible fashion.

The project dealt with various subjects internet (, a portal, news, etc. and was part of the program ‘Vernieuwing Rijksdienst’. The project established a clear communication between the government and the central cabinet.

As of 1/1/2011 the website was a fixed ‘shared service’, hosted by the ‘Dienst Publiek en Communicatie’ (DPC) of the AZ ministry. This shared service has been developed and managed by DPC.

Since the end of 2008 Trifork has been involved with the realization of and has been actively involved in thinking about a technical solution by delivering a software architect. In April 2009 our involvement grew with the addition of two developers whose goal was to develop the first version of Later a third developer joined. We have been working on the project until April 2011.

The Trifork workers were part of  internal mutlti-disciplinary scrum team under the direction of AZ. This team consisted of several AZ employees and AZ partners, including Trifork. Collaboration was therefore very important in such a team.

The tasks of the web developers in this multi-disciplinary scrum team include mainly the following activities:

  • Translating functional requirements into the implementation of Hippo
  • Building plugins for the Hippo CMS
  • Building the pages with the Hippo Site Toolkit (HST)
  • Import content from existing website using Kapow software and a spring integration module
  • Publish content using a RSS publisher

The architect within the AZ Infrastructure team focused primarily on:

  • The overall architecture of the solution
  • The scalability and performance of the solution
  • The quality of the delivered source code or solution
  • Establish the deployment process for the software

Technology used : Hippo CMS

Hippo CMS provides an open source Web Content Management System (WCMS) solution that is mostly used for large scale CMS projects. It provides a powerful, extendable editor interface, but also provides interesting modules for mobile channels, e-commerce and content targeting.

Trifork uses Hippo mostly where the CMS has a central back-end, that is used to publish content to several channels. Existing projects have complex structures in terms of authorization roles, and also typically have an extensive number of editors (100+). Hippo is best suited to complex integration’s of numerous content sources.



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