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Online card games are booming worldwide. While the majority of these online games and tournaments cater to poker, online platform Bridge Big ( focuses on the popular and rather complex game of bridge. Bridge Big offers a variety of bridge games to thousands of players, all playing at the same time. The choice to use Trifork’s Axon Framework for development made sure this large number of concurrent players could be handled and scaled, while ensuring a fair and secure game.

The Axon Framework

It took about 4 years to develop the application, and when Bridge Big approached Trifork, they had already developed a working prototype of the front-end environment. The challenge was building the infrastructure for users to register and play online securely and with high performance.

There were several reasons for using the Axon Framework as the development platform. The first issue raised was the scalability of thousands of concurrent users to accommodate the potential growth of the gaming community. Axon separates logical components within the architecture and couples them using an asynchronous message bus. This enables linear scaling by allowing components to be spread across multiple physical servers. This makes Axon the ultimate framework for building applications which require concurrency and scalability.

Another important issue was concurrency. To ensure a live card game experience, real-time processing was of the utmost importance. Axon makes sure that other commands acting on a game will not be handled while the game is still processing a command, all without compromising performance.

“Concurrency is a big issue, especially if you have thousands of commands hitting the same target in quick succession. It’s reassuring to know that Axon handles this complexity for you and you don’t have to worry about it.”

Rene de Waele, CTO of Bridge Big

In this case study you can read more about:

  • Fraud detection by constant monitoring for suspicious player patterns
  • High volume transaction processing and complex bonus calculation
  • Importance of immediate response to players and how Axon handles large number of concurrent players
  • Future plans – intelligent game robots

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