Full-stack developer - Stockholm

Trifork is a leading IT company that is working with cutting edge technologies and programming languages. We create unique applications for hundreds of business customers across Europe and North America. We work with and are very focused on continuously improving ourselves, our teams and the way we work. We do full-stack software solutions for our customers, and work with everything from Riak, Docker, React and Elixir. Every day over 2.000.000 people use our software, to do their mobile money transactions, shopping or their daily work. We develop software for every platform – Desktop, Web, Android, iOS, Distributed Systems, etc.
If you love programming, like technical challenges, and want to share your knowledge with you team mates, then we would like to talk to you!
We are a growing team in an beautiful office in the Gamla Stan in the center of Stockholm. We are currently 10 people in Stockholm, so to work with us feels like being in a startup. Trifork is actually large international company with stable finances. Trifork has existed since 1996 and we have currently 20 offices with ca. 400 employees.

About the job

As a full-stack developer you must be able to handle the every task involved in implementing new features. Everything from the database to css, software archetecture to operations. You must be diverse, be able to quickly pick up new technologies and languages and know when to use what. The job involves working on several interesting projects at a time, and the kind of project will vary greatly. Our company values automation, clean code, and testability highly.

About you

  • Agile mindset. You favor working in small autonomous teams where you can impact the course of action.
  • A driving force. You are not afraid of driving a topic for the benefit of yourself and the team.
  • People over process. You believe in communications with your peers to reach a collective goal.
  • Curiosity. You love exploring, learning and sharing new technology.
  • Problem solver. You are someone who aren’t afraid of solving a problem outside your main area of expertise.

About us

  • Projects. We work in-house with external projects for our customers. We don’t do body-shopping. We do several projects per year.
  • Team-based development. We choose the right technology based on project demands and team decisions.
  • Work life balance. We are very aware that you have a life outside of work and that your family comes first.
  • Pair programming. We believe that two pairs of hands are better than one, and the quality of the code is more important that the quantity!
  • Interest groups. We take time every week to work on side projects, like e.g. a DevOps Interest Group working on Docker Swarm servers and monitoring systems.
As an employee at Trifork you will be able to influence which tools, programming languages, and technologies you work with. We have worked with Clojure, Mesos, Elixir, Elm, Scala, Java, JavaScript, Riak, GoLang, PostgreSQL and many other new and interesting technologies. We are very good at web development, and working with Webpack and ReactJS has been the technology of choice for our single-page web apps.
You will also join for our annual ski-trip to the Alps and our international developer conferences with over 5000 annual attendees. If you wish you can even become part of our Conference Program Committee, where you help choose topics and speakers for our GOTO Developer Conferences across the world (http://gotosthlm.com/).

Come join our team.


Please send your application as a PDF to thb@trifork.com. Label the e-mail “Full Stack Developer – Stockholm”.

  • Deadline: Applications are evaluated continuously
  • Starting data: As soon as possible
  • Working hours: Full-time
  • Work place: Gamla Stan, Ferkens Gränd 3
  • More informtioanr: Thomas Anagrius

Think why work for us!

At Trifork we’re always on the look-out for people who combine a passion for technology with an ability to perform as team players. We believe we offer these great job characteristics:

Think knowledge share! We organize cutting edge knowledge share environments with our leading industry developer GOTO conferences, GOTO nights, tech meetup sessions and much more.

Think new Open Source technology! We develop software within the latest Open Source technology sphere for example ElasticSearch, Neo4J , CQRS / Axon Java8, Docker and the latest Spring stuff to mention a few.

Think continuous learning! With us you can learn from your colleagues and industry experts … and we hopefully from yours.

Think new challenges! Our projects are highly challenging and we only accept excellent quality.

Think passion! Software development is our passion

Think entrepreneurship! We encourage new ideas and to support and participate in several start-ups in healthcare, internet -of- things, big data, hospitality and education.

Think super cool culture! We believe small is beautiful! Everyone knows each other – You have a say in what we do; our culture is open & highly informal

About Us
Trifork employees more than 300 employees around the world and has offices in Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, the United States.
As Software Pilots, Trifork takes responsibility for developing, implementing and optimizing IT solutions and supports the adoption of latest technologies. Trifork delivers innovative business driven IT development while minimizing potential business risks.
Trifork is known to be a leading full service supplier of high-quality custom-built applications for organizations primarily in the following sectors: Education & Research, Government & Non-Profit and Profit. Within these sectors Trifork drives software innovation and specializes in the following areas of discipline: NoSQL & Search, Mobile, Custom Solutions, Knowledge (Conferences), CMS (Content Management Systems).