Marketing Executive - Amsterdam

Trifork Amsterdam is looking for a Marketing Executive willing to work in highly innovative organization.

Trifork is a fast-growing, innovative software company which was founded in Denmark in 1996. The group has offices and operates all over Europe and America. Trifork Amsterdam is a provider of cross-skilled teams who are specialized in high-performance big data platforms, machine learning, and modern Microservices architectures based on Event Sourcing, DDD and CQRS principles.

At Trifork Amsterdam we focus on adoption of new technologies, efficiency and on-time delivery of advanced projects and new рrоduсt development

As a Marketing Executive at Trifork Amsterdam you will be fully responsible for the marketing of variety services based on the innovative technologies. The focus of the Marketing Executive is on Dutch speaking area.

In the role as Marketing Executive you will be working with the technical team of CTO’s to understand our technology focus, with the sales and business development team to understand the customer and partner landscape and with the CEO to prepare the operational marketing plan. Marketing strategy at Trifork Amsterdam is strongly focused on the lead generation, branding and recruitment.


Your responsibilities:

  • Updating the target market and target persona
  • Understanding the market and competition
  • Simple, but effective marketing strategy and operational plan
  • Branding, communication and collateral creation
  • Lead generation via offline and online channels
  • Coordinating with the GOTO academy and GOTO Nights
  • Evaluation and reporting of the marketing campaigns


Brand communication

  • creating and publishing news and working with the news agency (ANP)
  • creating consistent brand through style sheets, templates, visual material, merchandising
  • defining a consistent communication about Trifork’s services

Lead generation

  • Develop and implement the marketing campaigns and activities based on the ops plan
  • Plan & implement marketing events with sales team
  • Manage the follow up process
  • Monitor the campaigns and report results

Event management

  • Target and/or organize industry events, such as meetups, conferences, customer events
  • Coordinate speaking opportunities with the CTO’s
  • Take care of the event logistics
  • Organize marketing collateral to support trade show/events
  • Design and develop the booth material, such as roll-up banners, posters, gadgets etc
  • Organize the follow up activities together with the sales team
  • Work closely with the event organizers such as GOTO Conference, NLJug, DDD and diverse meetups

Online marketing (B2B)

  • Organize webinars on technical topics and create online video content
  • Write and publish a regular technology newsletter
  • Prepare and publish corporate website updates together with the marketing head
  • Coordinate a blog publishing and republishing at the industry leading newsletters

Marketing & Sales

  • Creating all marketing collateral, including datasheets, case studies, flyers, news, etc.
  • Understand the customer projects and support sales team with targeted marketing collateral or activities
  • Monitor online channels and use lead scoring to target the hot leads for the sales team



  • Minimum 2-3 years marketing experience within IT related company
  • Previous experience in a similar role
  • Experience in developing sales and marketing collaterals and event management
  • Independent, self-motivated, result-oriented and able to meet tight deadlines
  • Good presentation skills
  • Excellent communication skills in Dutch and English
  • Ability to use Marketo and SalesForce


  • Entrepreneurial attitude
  • A drive to organize meetings and sessions


  • Dynamic team and modern management with no hierarchy
  • Market conform salary, company pension plan
  • Ask forgiveness, not permission
  • Table soccer competition with colleagues
  • Do what you think is right (and be right)
  • All-you-can-eat lunch for free
JOB LOCATION: Amsterdam, Rijnsburgstraat 9-11
CONTACT: Eliska Went, Trifork Amsterdam –
Office: +31 20 486 2036

@recruiters: wij werken niet met recruiter’s op dit moment, dus gelieve geen contact op te nemen naar aanleiding van deze vacature,maar nog belangrijker: ook geen kandidaten benaderen met deze vacature. Wij zien het als een eerste selectiecriterium of mensen in staat zijn ons zelf te vinden en de stap te nemen hun CV toe te sturen – dank.

Think why work for us!

At Trifork we’re always on the look-out for people who combine a passion for technology with an ability to perform as team players. We believe we offer these great job characteristics :

Think knowledge share! We organize cutting edge knowledge share environments with our leading industry developer GOTO conferences, GOTO nights, tech meetup sessions and much more.

Think new Open Source technology! We develop software within the latest Open Source technology sphere for example ElasticSearch, Neo4J , CQRS / Axon Java8, Docker and the latest Spring stuff to mention a few.

Think continuous learning! With us you can learn from your colleagues and industry experts … and we hopefully from yours.

Think new challenges! Our projects are highly challenging and we only accept excellent quality.

Think passion! Software development is our passion.

Think entrepreneurship! We encourage new ideas and to support and participate in several start-ups in healthcare, internet -of- things, big data, hospitality and education.

Think super cool culture! We believe small is beautiful! Everyone knows each other – You have a say in what we do; our culture is open & highly informal.

About Trifork
Trifork is an EU based IT company designing, building, and implementing custom software using advanced open source technologies. Enthusiastic innovators and passionate professionals from Trifork work together with customers on solving complex IT problems. Trifork offers open, trustworthy, and transparent management. We at Trifork are focusing on:

Ongoing investigation and adoption of new technologies: through continuous education and knowledge sharing via GOTO Conferences, GOTO Academy, and GOTO Nights, we recognize which technologies are (too) hot or have cooled down ;-). Thus Trifork experts are able to help customers to use these in their disruptive solutions and projects.
Advanced projects: Today, the most predictable problems have already been automated and are often offered as an off-the-shelf solution, leaving behind customers with exceptional situations or specific problems that often lead to developing custom software. Trifork delivers project teams for custom solutions in area of Web & Mobile applications, Search & Big Data solutions, and architecture and infrastructure platforms. Open source technology and an agile approach are the keys for projects with Trifork.
New product development: when there is an issue that has not been solved yet, a new open source product is born. Examples are Spring, Elasticsearch and AXON, the CQRS Java Framework.
Often a solution developed in collaboration of Trifork and customer’s team is evolving into a new product that becomes a foundation for a separate spin-off company. A few examples are Trifork Learning Solutions ( – the QTI Assesment Engine, Brightcenter ( – educational apps, DinDanSocial ( – a hospitality based social network, and The Surface Network ( – Smart Floors.