Senior Java Developer - Amsterdam

Trifork Amsterdam is looking for a Java developer willing to work on highly innovative custom projects.

Trіfоrk is аn EU bаѕеd IT company dеѕіgnіng, buіldіng, аnd implementing сuѕtоm ѕоftwаrе uѕіng advanced ореn ѕоurсе tесhnоlоgіеѕ. Through GOTO Conferences, GOTO Nights and our large network of technology experts, we continuously exploit the latest technology trends to ensure that we are able to bring new relevant technologies to our clients and their projects. At Trifork Amsterdam you will find a professional team working on custom software projects based on Java, using the innovative edge of open source technologies and applying the agile development method.

Developers choose to work for Trifork because there are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills, to grow and take own initiative in all aspects. Our developers’ expertise is the main priority at Trifork and we can guarantee unbeatable knowledge in the field of the newest open source technologies and agile development methods.

Fulfilling the role as Java developer at Trifork Amsterdam requires some essential knowledge and experience, do you think you got what it takes to become our new colleague? APPLY NOW

What can you expect at Trifork Amsterdam?

Trifork Amsterdam

  • Company behind Spring, Elasticsearch and Axon
  • Dynamic, innovative, challenging projects based on open source technologies
  • Developing new ideas into a startup organization
  • Continuous learning culture
  • Agile development method, direct customer contact and working in project teams
  • Knowledge sharing in GOTO nights, Hackathons, Tech meetings and Orange Thursdays
  • GOTO conference Amsterdam
  • Offering expert training in new technologies such as Spring, Axon and AngularJS
  • Modern management with no hierarchy
  • Founded as JTeam, formerly known as Orange11


  • Learn and understand the functional domain of the customer / project
  • Communicate with customers and convert their requirements into a solution outline
  • Produce the technical design for a project module, so it fits into the overall architecture
  • Present the design and discuss its advantages and disadvantages with the customer
  • Advise the best fitting technologies for the project and coordinate the front-end and the back-end platforms
  • Coach a team of developers
  • Guarantee the quality of the delivered project, review and provide feedback on team’s code
  • Support and improve existing solutions
  • Blog about projects and technologies,
  • Be involved in expert knowledge sharing by speaking at conferences, presenting webinars and participating in meetups


  • Experience with the professional way of software development
  • Advanced knowledge of Java (J2SE, J2EE)
  • Knowledge of development platforms, Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate / JPA and similar
  • Experience with design patterns and object oriented development
  • Eager to learn new techniques and technologies
  • Fluent in Dutch and English


  • Entrepreneurial attitude. You dare to develop an idea into a new product
  • A drive to organize meetings and sessions around your expertise
  • Spot opportunities at customers and support sales manager in closing new business


  • Dynamic team and modern management with no hierarchy
  • Possibility to develop your idea into a new startup
  • Expert training in new technologies
  • International work, excellent salary, company pension plan
  • Ask forgiveness, not permission
  • Table soccer competition with colleagues
  • Do what you think is right (and be right)
  • All-you-can-eat lunch for free
JOB LOCATION: Amsterdam, Rijnsburgstraat 9-11
CONTACT: Frank Groot, CTO of Trifork Amsterdam –
Office: +31 20 486 2036

@recruiters: wij werken niet met recruiter’s op dit moment, dus gelieve geen contact op te nemen naar aanleiding van deze vacature,maar nog belangrijker: ook geen kandidaten benaderen met deze vacature. Wij zien het als een eerste selectiecriterium of mensen in staat zijn ons zelf te vinden en de stap te nemen hun CV toe te sturen – dank.

Think why work for us!

At Trifork we’re always on the look-out for people who combine a passion for technology with an ability to perform as team players. We believe we offer these great job characteristics :

Think knowledge share! We organize cutting edge knowledge share environments with our leading industry developer GOTO conferences, GOTO nights, tech meetup sessions and much more.

Think new Open Source technology! We develop software within the latest Open Source technology sphere for example ElasticSearch, Neo4J , CQRS / Axon Java8, Docker and the latest Spring stuff to mention a few.

Think continuous learning! With us you can learn from your colleagues and industry experts … and we hopefully from yours.

Think new challenges! Our projects are highly challenging and we only accept excellent quality.

Think passion! Software development is our passion.

Think entrepreneurship! We encourage new ideas and to support and participate in several start-ups in healthcare, internet -of- things, big data, hospitality and education.

Think super cool culture! We believe small is beautiful! Everyone knows each other – You have a say in what we do; our culture is open & highly informal.

About Trifork
Trifork is an EU based IT company designing, building, and implementing custom software using advanced open source technologies. Enthusiastic innovators and passionate professionals from Trifork work together with customers on solving complex IT problems. Trifork offers open, trustworthy, and transparent management. We at Trifork are focusing on:

Ongoing investigation and adoption of new technologies: through continuous education and knowledge sharing via GOTO Conferences, GOTO Academy, and GOTO Nights, we recognize which technologies are (too) hot or have cooled down ;-). Thus Trifork experts are able to help customers to use these in their disruptive solutions and projects.
Advanced projects: Today, the most predictable problems have already been automated and are often offered as an off-the-shelf solution, leaving behind customers with exceptional situations or specific problems that often lead to developing custom software. Trifork delivers project teams for custom solutions in area of Web & Mobile applications, Search & Big Data solutions, and architecture and infrastructure platforms. Open source technology and an agile approach are the keys for projects with Trifork.
New product development: when there is an issue that has not been solved yet, a new open source product is born. Examples are Spring, Elasticsearch and AXON, the CQRS Java Framework.
Often a solution developed in collaboration of Trifork and customer’s team is evolving into a new product that becomes a foundation for a separate spin-off company. A few examples are Trifork Learning Solutions ( – the QTI Assesment Engine, Brightcenter ( – educational apps, DinDanSocial ( – a hospitality based social network, and The Surface Network ( – Smart Floors.