Elastic: For - You Know, More Than Search

End-to-end actionable insights in real-time from almost any type of data source.

By combining the massively popular Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana. Elastic have created an end-to-end stack that delivers actionable insights in real-time from almost any type of structured and unstructured data source.

Built and supported by the engineers behind each of these open source products, the Elasticsearch ELK stack makes searching and analyzing data easier than ever before. Used as a stand-alone application to provide strategic business insights or integrate with your existing applications to power their interactions with incoming data. Thousands of organizations worldwide use the Elasticsearch ELK stack for an endless variety of business critical functions.

Elasticsearch is the innovative and advanced open source distributed search engine, based on Apache Lucene. Elasticsearch is created by Shay Banon, the creator of Compass (a Java search engine framework) and Director of Technology at Gigaspaces. Shay Banon combined his knowledge of information retrieval with that of his expertise in building highly scalable infrastructures to build this next-generation search solution, obviously open source.Since 2012, the technology has been supported by Elasticsearch, the company, a commercial enterprise founded to back the open source project, providing services, like training & consulting, but also offering support subscriptions. Trifork was launching partner for Elasticsearch and remains one of the most actively involved partners from a technical perspective.

Trifork is experienced to help you get started with Elasticsearch at both the application code level as well as at the infrastructure level by architecting a deployment topology that fits your needs.Through our close collaboration with Elasticsearch itself, our customers are always guaranteed access to the experts that build the product itself as and when necessary. Trifork also offers 3 packages to help you get started:

Project Startup Package: • 2 days onsite • Intro search • Elasticsearch overview • Architecture • Pre-production • Monitoring

• 5 days onsite • Workshop • Determine scope and requirements • Built PoC • Demo • Evaluation

Pre-Production Package: • 2 x 1/2 days onsite • Check setup • Monitoring under load • Intro Marvel • Recommendations and report

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The ELK Stack

search, analyze in real-time


Elasticsearch is a flexible and powerful open source, distributed, real-time search and analytic s engine. Architected from the ground up for use in distributed environments where reliability and scalability are must haves, Elasticsearch gives you the ability to move easily beyond simple full-text search. Through its robust set of APIs and query DSLs, plus clients for the most popular programming languages, Elasticsearch delivers on the near limitless promises of search technology. Read more on our blog:

scrub, parse, enrich your data


Logstash helps you take logs and other time based event data from any system and store it in a single place for additional transformation and processing. Logstash will scrub your logs and parse all data sources into an easy to read JSON format. The most popular open source logging solution in the market today, Logstash lets users get up and running in just minutes. Read more on our blog:

line graphs, pie charts,data visualization


Kibana is Elasticsearch’s data visualization engine, allowing you to natively interact with all your data in Elasticsearch via custom dashboards. Kibana’s dynamic dashboard panels are savable, shareable and exportable, displaying changes to queries into Elasticsearch in real-time. You can perform data analysis in Kibana’s beautiful user interface using pre-designed dashboards or update these dashboards in real-time for on-the-fly data analysis. Read more on our blog:

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Brown Bag Sessions

Interested in a 60-minute consultancy session with a senior Elasticsearch specialist. We call these Brown Bag sessions. The aim is to educate and demonstrate, using best practices gleaned from thousands of deployments, how Elasticsearch can be used to architect a solution. You will soon see how easy and quickly it is to get started.

Key Features

Real time data

Data flows into your system all the time. The question is…how quickly can that data become an insight? With Elasticsearch, real-time is the only time.

Real time analytics

Search isn’t just free text search anymore — it’s about exploring your data. Understanding it. Gaining insights that will make your business better or improve your product


Elasticsearch allows you to start small, but will grow with your business


A cluster can host multiple indices which can be queried independently or as a group. Index aliases allow you to add indexes on the fly, while being transparent to your application

High availability

Elasticsearch clusters are resilient — they will detect and remove failed nodes, and reorganize themselves to ensure that your data is safe and accessible.

Full text search

Elasticsearch uses Lucene under the covers to provide the most powerful full text search capabilities available in any open source product. Search comes with multi-language support, a powerful query language, support for geolocation, context aware did-you-mean suggestions, autocomplete and search snippets.

Document oriented

Store complex real world entities in Elasticsearch as structured JSON documents. All fields are indexed by default, and all the indices can be used in a single query, to return results at breath taking speed

Schema free

Elasticsearch allows you to get started easily. Toss it a JSON document and it will try to detect the data structure, index the data and make it searchable. Later, apply your domain specific knowledge of your data to customize how your data is indexed.


Elasticsearch is API driven. Almost any action can be performed using a simple RESTful API using JSON over HTTP. An API already exists in the language of your choice.

Per-operation persistence

Elasticsearch puts your data safety first. Document changes are recorded in transaction logs on multiple nodes in the cluster to minimize the chance of any data loss.

Apache 2 Open Source License

Elasticsearch can be downloaded, used and modified free of charge. It is available under the Apache 2 license, one of the most flexible open source licenses available.

Build on top of Apache Lucene™

Apache Lucene is a high performance, full-featured Information Retrieval library, written in Java. Elasticsearch uses Lucene internally to build its state of the art distributed search and analytics capabilities

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