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The MongooseIM platform is a collection of backend and frontend components, used to build massively scalable and robust chat/messaging systems. It is designed for large, complex enterprise level projects where real-time communication is critical for business success.

Build massively scalable chat systems with the MongooseIM platform while keeping a very fast time-to-market with minimal initial developer investment, lowering the risk of developer turnover. Ideal for application builders who want to add chat (instant messaging) in their multi-screen apps, for higher and sustainable acquisition, retention, and engagement.

The MongooseIM client-side REST API, in addition to the established XMPP protocol, is all you need to kickstart a highly efficient client application, with a flexible and powerful backend that will scale to millions.

We offer a simple and compatible messaging experience with a REST API; both for backend integration, and for client/server development. This significantly lowers the barrier of entry to our platform for developers. As a result, it is now much easier for backend developers to write code against MongooseIM, and maintain it. Also it is much easier for DevOps to interconnect MongooseIM with other servers. Overall, CTOs will be thrilled to have a more consistent set of backends that all communicate over REST APIs, for simpler infrastructure maintenance.

The MongooseIM platform is based on the XMPP protocol and its philosophy.
XMPP is an open standards protocol, backed by both the the XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) and the the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), offering high flexibility and outstanding extensibility. Our client-side REST API is an addition to XMPP in MongooseIM.
The MongooseIM platform is open source under GPLv2 and can be used at any volume without license fees. Due to its clean and modular design, it integrates easily with pre-existing solutions.
The features you order can be developed by our team in a private repository giving you the sole access to it, or as an open source feature – maintained and expanded by the community.
The MongooseIM platform consists of multiple software components and extensions, allowing you to select a configuration tailored to your particular requirements:
● Server: MongooseIM, MongoosePush, MongooseICE, Mongoose-ansible, CLT/Tide
● Client: Smack, XMPPFramework, Retrofit, Jayme, Mangosta iOS+Android, amoc, escalus.

Download & test MongooseIM

We encourage everyone to play with the REST API on both backend and clients, PubSub and MUC light. Simply download it from our GitHub repository.


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