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Are you one of those modern companies that is increasingly using apps to connect with and reach employees, partners, B2B clients or suppliers, if so, The Perfect App might just be the solution you are looking for.

The Perfect App is an enterprise distribution system with the convenience of a public app store and with the ability to handle enterprise application management. Any company that develops apps or has a partner that develop apps for them needs to find a solution on how to distribute apps to test-devices and pilot-users, etc.

Trifork has developed over 200 different apps for almost any kind of mobile device. Based on this experience we have built a smart distribution platform that allows distributing test releases and updates to mobile devices during the development process. With The Perfect App, users have easy access to all the applications in your company, and you avoid loosing them to tedious and comprehensive processes.

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Users can login from their device to a website, where all apps they have access to are published. By one tap an app can be selected for download. If an app is updated later users are automatically notified of updates and can download the new version without logging in to the website again.

Upload of apps, versioning and administration of access-rights can easily be done from the web interface. The development team is able to see and analyze bug-reports and statistics.

TPA gives an overview of the distribution and adoption of apps

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The Perfect App Product Sheet

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Key Features


Version control and statistics for all the apps in the company


Detailed security administration of users and permissions to apps


Secure automated distribution of apps internally in the company


Notifications of app updates

Reporting & Diagnostics

Crash reporting with diagnostics and developer notifications

Online app-reporting

Online app-reporting with device and app-usage information to developers

App Distribution

Supports distribution of iOS, Android and Windows phone 8 apps


Valuable feedback directly from end user to developer

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