Full visibility and control over Erlang and Elixir

WombatOAM is the only monitoring and maintenance framework purpose-built for Erlang and Elixir systems. It works out of the box, without modifying your application’s original source code. With WombatOAM you can monitor and debug production systems in real time, prevent outages by receiving alarms at signs of possible problems and save precious time in post-mortem analysis of crashes.

WombatOAM provides complete visibility over any system running on the BEAM virtual machine, from proprietary applications to open source ones such as Phoenix, Riak, RabbitMQ or MongooseIM. With full and immediate access to system topology, metrics, notifications and alarms, problems can be addressed before they escalate, and issues can be dealt with based on a higher level of understanding.

This tool works as a stand alone product or integrated into your existing OAM infrastructure. It is easy to install and use, and makes minimal demands on your system resources. Plus it offers a range of popular plugins.

The RabbitMQ plugin collects different statistics about channels, connections, queues, etc, including for example the number of messages in different states in them.

The Riak KV plugin collects all metrics exposed by Riak KV itself with a several additional metrics. Notifications are generated when a significant events happens and when Riak KV commands are executed

The MongooseIM plugin exposes various statistics about users, how many XMPP messages, presence they send, how big stanzas they send, receive. Also it exposes metrics monitoring authentication backend performance in order to raise an alarm if the backend is slowing down.

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We encourage everyone to play with the REST API on both backend and clients, PubSub and MUC light. Simply download it from our github.

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Watch the video demo of WombatOAM over Riak nodes and reach out to us with all questions


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