Real-time evidence based clinical decision support integrated in electronics medical records





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An Advanced Clinical Decision Support Service

ATAH provides clear-cut treatment recommendations to the physician in real time. ATAH is offered to healthcare institutions through a cloud based decision support service that integrates with electronic medical records (EMR’s) to provide patient specific recommendations including drug suggestions/warnings and diagnostic tips.

A “Specialist in the Cloud”

The service contains rules based on the latest research developed by a team of physicians dedicated to helping colleagues worldwide. The decision support service is highly scalable and can be tailored to any local needs or guidelines.

The ATAH Edge

ATAH removes the great burden on physicians to spend time searching for the latest evidence. The available state-of-the-art technology requires physicians to manually search for information in clinical guidelines and databases a time-consuming task with many sources for failures and mistakes avoided with the use of ATAH.

Standard Module

Consists of drug interactions, indications, contraindications, allergies and cross-sensitivity, max dose and dose based on kidney function.

Individual Disease Modules

Includes different disease modules e.g. Chronic Care Module, Rational Choice of Drug Module, Advanced Lab Module and more.

Join Us on Our Journey

Towards a world without medication errors and where patients receive the optimal treatment based on their individual needs.