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Centraal Bureau voor Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen



The Central Office for Driver licenses (Centraal Bureau voor Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen (CBR)) is the organization appointed by the department of infrastructure that assesses driving skills and medical fitness of drivers (car, truck, boat, and plane). The CBR has 5 offices, 55 practical exam locations and 30 theoretical exam locations.

In total 1.500.000 exams are held each year; 800.000 are theoretical exams. The main part of these theoretical exams are audio-visual and collective which are held on a certain time on a certain location. All candidates are exposed to yes/no questions referring to a series of slides and videos.

Business challenge

In view of the current individualization of our society, CBR wanted to change the current process of registering, planning and taking of all 800.000 theoretical exams. Instead of the collective exams, it should be possible to take an exam individually whenever a candidate wishes to. Reasons are:

  1. Efficiency: candidates can work in their own tempo and finish exams faster than they would in a group;
  2. Fraud prevention: individual exams make different versions of the same exam possible and cheating virtually impossible;
  3. Service: candidates can take an exam on a date and at a time they prefer.

Project outline

Trifork and Cito have been involved to improve the existing online test system. The new assessment platform for CBR allows to take an exam individually and at a preferred moment. It includes features such as a calculator, reference tool and a time-based functionality (complete the exam in a certain time).

The new system is based on Trifork’s QTI (Question Test Interoperability) Assessment Delivery Engine, using a world-wide Open Standard. The client lockdown allows secure, high-stake digital assessments by making it impossible to start up other applications or browse on the internet while taking a test and therefore prevent from fraud. The whole system is completely touch based (including a touch(on)screen keyboard) and displayed on a high resolution touchscreen.

Trifork also integrated a text-to-speech functionality for candidates with reading difficulties. And on top of that Trifork delivered an on-premise proctoring exam monitor which helps supervisors to manage the active exam sessions on a certain location (who is taking which exam, how much time is spent and left, how many questions are answered and left). Furthermore, the supervisor can pause and abort individual exams or all the exams that are active on a location.


This project was a European tender, fixed price and fixed date. Not all requirements specified in the tender where implemented in the end because new requirements popped up during implementation. Because Trifork used an agile approach the product owner had the freedom to decide every sprint which functionality was implemented. Since the project was fixed price this meant that the product owner had to exchange functionality when out-of-scope functionality was added to a sprint.


CBR will soon do a major overhaul of their process. The centrepiece will be Trifork’s QTI Assessment Delivery Engine. Another major part of the process supervising the exam is also supported by software created by Trifork, the exam monitor. The field tests CBR are conducting at the moment, indicate that the goals for efficiency, fraud prevention and service will be easily met.

Business Development

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