DSB Paves the Way with MobilePay

DSB Danish Railway

DSB is the independent state-railway company, and has operated since 1847. Each day DSB brings 500,000 customers from A to B with the help of more than 7,800 dedicated employees. 

The focus of DSB is to make it safe, easy and secure for customers to travel with them. To help realize this vision DSB decided to design an all-in-one-app in which customers can purchase tickets, make travel plans and get traffic information on the go.

The Challenge

DSB wanted to create a single, powerful digital platform that would cater to all relevant products and services their customers need to complete a journey. Therefore, the decision was made to merge the existing applications into an all-in-one DSB app and to change the supplier on the front-end without compromising ease-of-use and accessibility.

Trifork and Duckwise were chosen to develop the DSB app for iPhone and Android. The decision was based on our quality of work, our cross-disciplinary profile including UX, graphical design and development and our ability to deliver on a strict time plan with the use of an agile approach.

The One-Stop Digital Platform

The first release of the DSB app was very well received by the users, resulting in a lot of positive feedback and significantly better ratings of the app. The next step was ensuring the app’s relevance for all of their customers — young as well as old. To do this, Trifork helped digitize DSB YouthCard, and integrate it as an offering in the app. The launch of DSB YouthCard, as well as DSB WildCard in the app has accommodated customers demand for a user-friendly, self-service sales channel, helping realize DSB’s vision of creating a one-stop digital platform that has everything their travellers are looking for.


Pay for your Journey with MobilePay

In August 2015, another major functionality was revealed. With more than 2,5 million active MobilePay users in Denmark, integrating it as a means of payment in the DSB app was a natural choice, creating a convenient and familiar payment process. The Trifork team also wanted to ensure that an app with such high volumes of transactions had the capability of conducting these effortlessly and seamlessly, and the newly developed MobilePay AppSwitch functionality has ensured just this. MobilePay can now be selected as a payment method. When MobilePay is selected, the app automatically switches to MobilePay. The amount is then approved, and will return to the DSB app. MobilePay AppSwitch makes transitioning from one app environment to another a seamless and automatic experience, ensuring that the transition feels like an integrated part of the payment flow.


A Success Story

The introduction of MobilePay in the DSB app has been a huge success. Within 4 weeks of the release, 35% of all in app purchases were being made with MobilePay. The successful collaboration on a challenging project has left all parties satisfied. Within the next 12 months, additional functionalities such as Orange ticket, frequent traveller card, and voucher card will be implemented, just to mention a few. We are looking forward to continue the collaboration and development of the DSB app that daily serves many thousands of travellers who depend on DSB for planning trips, buying tickets or getting up-to-date traffic info on their smartphones.


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Key Facts:

  • More than 150,000 monthly users
  • Downloaded by 25,000 new users every month
  • Since first release - downloaded more than 1,2 million times.
  • Amongst the top 5 mostly used apps in Denmark