Consolidating 28 local intranets into one – using Hippo CMS


In order for the Dutch police to work more efficiently and uniformly, the 28 local police departments are being been reformed to one unit named “Nationale Politie”.

Apart from an organizational change, this also means that a lot of processes and tools have to be consolidated as well.

Part of this consolidation is creating a single intranet, to be used instead of the 28 local intranets that are being used right now. This one intranet should provide 65.000 people working for the organization with their news and information needed to do their jobs more efficiently.

Technologies used

During the project a decision was made to use Hippo as the CMS with which to build the intranet. The public site of the police ( was also being developed with Hippo hippo-logoand both projects are part of the same program.Landelijk Intranet came to Trifork after seeing the work Trifork did at the University of Amsterdam.


Due to the need to show results quickly and adapt to changes in priority and scope, the police required the project to be done using Scrum. Where normal Agile adoption works either bottom up or top down, the wish to have the police work more agile is both bottom up and top down.

The momentum created by upper management to have projects work more efficiently and the wish from the people that work in those projects to focus more on communication to get the job done than on the rules of engagement, that are still in place, creates a great environment for Trifork to coach the organization in their adoption.

Technological challenges met and conquered so far

A big piece of making the project a success, would be the interaction with the userbase. An intranet that actually started as a channel of reaching out to 65.000 people, should at one point also allow those 65.000 people to reach out to each other.

This meant that we had to find a way to identify the users that are logged in to the workstation.

The architects at the “Nationale Politie” determined that Kerberos was the protocol to be used and since there aren’t any mainstream integration with Kerberos and Spring this turned out to really be a challenge.

The fact that we encountered several different Active Directories and that all communication goes over multiple Citrix environments didn’t make this the easiest integration.

Apart from providing the technical solution we also helped distributing the solution to the infrastructure of the organisation.

Process challenges met and fought so far

Most internal projects at the “Nationale Politie” release at most twice a year, so introducing Agile is a challenge as well.

Landelijk Intranet is currently releasing every eight weeks (four sprints).

In order to heighten the frequency to releasing every sprint, a lot of barriers have to be taken. The team hosts so called Scrum safaris, which contain a presentation stating the need of the organization to achieve a minimal time-to-market in order to shorten the feedback cycle, so the scope of the project constantly suits the needs and priorities of the users.

These presentations are a huge success and are improving communication between the different departments in order the make the delivery process smoother.



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