Ensuring a Safe Work Environment with Reactor

DONG Energy

DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe, with their headquarters located in Denmark. Around 6,500 employees explore for and produce oil and natural gas, generate electricity and heat from their offshore wind farms and their power stations, and supply energy to residential and business customers every single day. 

In July 2015, DONG Energy Thermal Power launched its new app Reactor (React & Move On) for iOS and Android. The solution makes it easier and more efficient for the approximately 800 internal employees within Thermal Power to report hazardous incidents and observations that occur on any of their 16 locations in Denmark. Reactor also enables HS-team and line management to resolve and deal with these situations more efficiently, ensuring safer working conditions for their colleagues and suppliers.

The Challenge

Safety has a high priority at DONG Energy Thermal Power, and in order to minimize potential accidents, Thermal Power wanted a solution that would make it user-friendly for its employees and suppliers to report observations, and dangerous situations in a timely and precise manner. The new solution should not replace the existing system, but simply be a smarter and faster alternative to the sometimes rigid and time consuming incident reporting system. The main issue was that their employees avoided using the system, because it was simply too complicated for employees not using the system on a daily basis. They believed and hoped that simplifying the reporting process would enable more people to contribute, and thereby minimize safety hazards at their locations.

Agile Development

Through a 3 month intensive development process we created Reactor together with DONG Energy – represented by both IT and Thermal Power. The agile development process enabled us to deliver the right functionality on time for the project, while ensuring that Thermal Power was satisfied with our work throughout the development. This resulted in a successful delivery of Reactor, providing a solid basis for future development of the app.

Reactor allows Thermal Power’s internal employees and suppliers to create reports that include pictures, audio recordings, and descriptions of the observation. They can also follow updates to the case, and be notified when the issue has been resolved.

“Trifork has been a pleasure to work with on this project. Their team of highly skilled and passionate developers helped us create an application that has made our employees’ workday easier and safer. We were very impressed by Trifork’s ability to deliver a highly user-friendly solution on a tight time-frame, that has helped highlight some of DONG Energy’s core company values,” says Anne Bech Hammer, Project Manager at DONG Energy.

One code for all platforms

With the expert cross-platform knowledge of the Trifork developers, DONG Energy requested that the solution should run both on iOS and Android devices, and be developed in Xamarin. The reason for this being that DONG Energy will be maintaining and updating the application internally with their own team of C# developers. Xamarin is a cross-platform framework which allows developers to write native iOS, Android and Windows apps with native user interfaces, and share code across multiple platforms.


Anne Bech Hammer discusses the impact Reactor has had so far:

“Since the release of the application in July, we immediately saw an increase in the number of observations being reported. The solution has also enabled management to deal with the situations more promptly, and the efficient reporting system is raising awareness about appropriate HSE procedures. We are looking forward to continuing the collaboration with Trifork in further development of Reactor.”


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