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BRFkredit Bank
BRFkredit Bank is a very well known Danish mortgage credit institute. At the end of 2013, BRFkredit Bank took over the administration of a significant client portfolio and had to handle several thousand additional mortgage deeds. In this process the market for administration systems to handle mortgage deeds was examined very thoroughly and the choice of BRFkredit Bank ended with the Trifork product Panteos.

Automated administration

Panteos has an advanced administration module with the ability to customize user roles to fit into the administration flow and responsibilities in the organization. The system has a lot of automated procedures, integrated CRM and offers automated reporting to both managers and clients. 

“We have to believe that the supplier will have continuous development and of course financial solidity and we found Trifork to be exactly that.”- Bent Reidar Andersen, Head of IT-contracts, BRFkredit

This one system can handle all the client portfolios in BRFkredit Bank. One of the things that BRFkredit Bank found in Panteos was a system that was more flexible than similar products and a system with a lot of features to improve productivity and performance in the administration. Trifork provides continuous support to the product as well as ongoing development to further improve the system. 

Close teamwork and high involvement

During the implementation of Panteos there was a very close and effective collaboration between BRFkredit Bank, Trifork, and the former system provider. From day one, the Panteos system had to run smoothly and failure was not an option. In the first phase after the implementation there was intense monitoring and support allowing Panteos to be in full production after a few days. After a short time BRFkredit Bank was accustomed to the system, and now all operations are handled smoothly in the internal IT-department.

BRA_HTP_BRFKREDIT_HIGHRES“This is actually one of the really good projects that is completed within budget, on time and within scope. Trifork has been a reliable provider with a great understanding of the situation that we faced in BRFkredit Bank.”- Bent Reidar Andersen, BRFkredit.





A system secured for the future 

BRFkredit Bank sees this implementation as a story of success. Panteos allows BRFkredit Bank to provide a better and more effective service to their customers, which secures better businesses for both BRFkredit Bank and their clients. This system has proven to be attractive in many ways, and Jyske Bank, who later bought BRFkredit found the system to be so good that they also adopted Panteos.

Henrik T. Pedersen, Teamleader, BRFkredit Bank elaborates on the advantages of Panteos: “Efficiency. We are more effective. Many things are supported better in Panteos, and the manual processes are limited. On a technical aspect, we have a system secured for the future with
modern functionality.”

Panteos has a high compatibility with many platforms and can offer functionalities that are not seen in similar products. The positive feedback to the everyday use of the system and the implementation process has proven to generate a high value for companies using Panteos, which are some of the largest players on the market for administration of mortgage deeds.

 Multiple clients

BRFkredit Bank is using the system to administrate mortgage portfolios for several clients. Reporting on different levels is very important in order to satisfy demands from different clients. Different reports are easily setup for each client and distributed on an ongoing basis. With customized user rights, the clients of BRFkredit Bank can access the system themselves and yet, they can only see and do actions that have been defined and approved by BRFkredit Bank. The real-time exchange and maintenance of data is the key factor for both parties.

Trifork offers this product for both large and small companies. For more information or a demo of the system, please contact the Panteos product support at


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