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GeriMedica was founded in 2007 by a small group of passionate medical professionals who together had the drive and ambition to make changes and improvements to patient health care and treatment.

The company backed by the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam and 3 large Dutch healthcare institutions; Aveant Utrecht, OsiraGroep Amsterdam and Evean Zaanstreek. Their key focus is care towards the elderly with long-term chronic illnesses. GeriMedica focuses on three key areas of excellence covering solutions for Medical Practices, Electronic Health Record (Dutch: Elektronisch Patientendossier) and Training.

Business challenge

Trifork has already developed an EHR Ysis 2.0, which is currently available as a web-based application. The system enables users from numerous medical disciplines to access, collaborate and track patient medical records. Regulations from the healthcare declaration system DBC (Diagnose-BehandelCombinatie) requires medical staff to register all the activities performed. Since the release of 2.7.0, Ysis also supports this latest DBC specification. Registration of DBC activities is integrated in the standard workflow, allowing medical staff to meet the requirements without having to adjust their daily work processes. This allows health care organizations to ensure fair financial compensation for the exact amount of time and resources allocated per patient.

An important factor in geriatric care is that professionals are frequently on the move. They talk to each other or patients in the hallways, physical therapists might check up on their patients in the gym etc. Since even these small encounters matter for the DBC registration process, it is important that staff are able to easily register their activities; anytime, anyplace.

Trifork’s solution

Trifork has developed an iPhone application that works in combination with the existing web-based system. The application is free to download for registered users and is simple & intuitive to use. Its main goal is to make DBC registration easy & accessible. The application contains 3 simple screens similar in style to the web application. To reduce overhead to a minimum the iPhone application offers a streamlined login procedure that requires a 4-digit code to authenticate. To ensure that registered activities will be stored regardless of connection issues, any activity that cannot be sent to the Ysis servers directly, will be stored locally and sent whenever a connection becomes available.

The process is simple. The application offers a list of patients eligible for DBC activities. Registration is as easy as selecting the patient, then entering the activity details (most of which are preselected, tailored to the user). In most cases this leaves just a single selection to be made by the user in order to complete a registration. A registration overview screen shows the latest activities registered, which prevents co-workers from accidentally registering the same activity twice. Depending on the work situation of the professional, use of the mobile version can be easier and faster than logging on the web-based version.


Several users and their management have already predicted that this system is set to improve the accuracy and completeness of registrations far better than with traditional systems. This may prove to be of crucial importance especially seen as a large part of the revenue stream will be collected through DBC’s, as of January 2013.



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