Smart app pairing smartphone or tablet with your baby monitor


Low battery lifetime and interrupted signal in old fashioned baby monitors combined with the experience of becoming a parent, led to the very first thoughts about developing a new baby monitor with a built in baby monitor app.

Nabby became the name of the entire baby monitor concept and due to the collaboration between Trifork, Nabby and Develco future parents and babies can now feel secure.

Key features

A special long-distance Bluetooth connection pairs your baby monitor with your smartphone or tablet and shuts out any interrupting signals, but most importantly, the app alerts you when your baby needs you. In addition you can regulate the sound sensitivity of the baby monitor, activate a temperature sensor, sleep timer and a ‘listen-now’ function when you want to check on your baby’s breathing.

CEO at Nabby, Anders Vesterborg explains, We didn’t focus on delivering a lot of crazy nice-to-have features but focused on delivering something that would work unconditionally.

Nabby app & monitor mindre


“Simplicity was our goal for both the app and the monitor. We wanted to create a universe that didn’t connote gadgets or Pampers. Through close collaboration and valuable input from our partners, we have finally reached this point”, says Anders Vesterborg.

nabby app

Working with Trifork

Early in the development process, the baby monitor app was released for testing  so everyone involved, and in particular the Nabby founders, could follow the improvement process as the app took shape.

“Trifork has shown great patience and been a source of inspiration during the project. The developers involved have showed genuine interest in our product and tested it in real life situations. We really appreciate their effort and engagement”, Anders Versterborg stated.

Award winner

Today, the baby monitor is sold in various countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, England, Belgium, Iceland, Luxembourg and Greenland).

Nabby has proved a successful experience among parents with babies who have welcomed it as part of the family.“We have fought hard to get where we are today. We are extremely satisfied and very excited about the future”, says Anders Vesterborg.

Nabby has won several awards, including the Danish App Awards (DAA): Best User Experience, DAA Gold: “Children & Education”, and for its unique design: the Red Dot Award.

The app is available in App Store and Google play. The Nabby App connects to your Nabby Baby Monitor. For more information and to buy a Nabby Baby Monitor please visit



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