The claim app that enables optimization of customer’s claim experience and insurance company’s processes.

Trifork Proofer

As a company it is always a struggle to offer a top notch customer experience.

Especially when you are an insurance company. Therefore Trifork now offers a mobile claim app that will optimize a customer’s claim experience and an insurance company’s processes. Proofer will allow customers of insurance companies to easily claim valuable items with a mobile app.

The app: how does it work?

The mobile claim app provides an environment that allows people to register products that, when necessary can be claimed easily from their insurance company with the mobile app. To claim a product via the app the customer has to register himself/herself in the app and the insurance company they are with. If they want to claim a product, they click on the registered product. The app will make a pdf file automatically and send it by e-mail to the registered insurance company.

How to claim a product in three steps

  1. Register yourself and the insurance company
  2. Take a photo of the product, the receipt and the serial number
  3. Select the correct item and send the pdf by e-mail

Who benefits from the app?

Proofer will actually serve both a customer and an insurance company.Benefits for an insurance company:

  1. Reduce time spent per claim case
  2. Easy access to customer data
  3. Cost savings
  4. Direct marketing possibilities

Benefits to customers:

  1. Easy capture, categorization and store documentation of valuable items
  2. Easy access to stored documentation, as & when needed
  3. Easy forward of documentation/claim to the insurance company


What can Trifork offer?

Are you interested in the Proofer? This is what Trifork can offer you as an insurance company:

  • Proofer in your preferred language choice
  • Customized design
  • Simple app download from you own appstore
  • Full integration with back-end processes
  • Obtainable for iOS
  • Optionally also for Windows Phone and Android

Download the Proofer claim app in the Apple app store to see how easy it works for yourself.

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