Improving productivity and efficiency for globally dispersed teams


Full and easy access to all relevant documents at all times.That was at the core of Radiometer’s decision to invest in mobile technology for its global marketing, sales and service teams.

With the need for a user-friendly solution that could both work offline and integrate with existing systems, Trifork developed the Radiometer On the Go application. ROTG, as the app is also known, works as a mobile extranet for Radiometer’s sales representatives and service technicians. ROTG provides easy and immediate access to documents and videos available for each Radiometer subsidiary. Users are automatically notified of new content updates, ensuring they always have the latest information at hand (literally) when interacting with customers.

Ana Cristina Magalhães, MarCom Manager at Radiometer HQ led the project.

“Radiometer On the Go has enabled our teams to achieve greater efficiency leading up to and during customer visits. Files can be easily shared with customers by email, reducing the need for print materials and the costs associated with it. But at the end of the day, it is also about providing a better customer experience. The ability to seamlessly access customer-relevant information in real time and to share content in an interactive way helps us to create a closer, richer and more engaging experience for our customers.”

Radiometer On the Go is based on Trifork’s off the shelf product referred to as Presenter. In addition to Presenter’s key features, customer required specifications were added, such as the ability to email documents and a more advanced document search function.

Radiometer On the Go was initially launched at the end of August 2012 and was extremely well received. As part of the launch, iPads were deployed to all company marketing, sales and service associates. Today, Radiometer On the Go has more than 700 users worldwide.


"Being able to base the development of ROTG on Trifork’s Presenter helped to ensure a smoother, more productive and interactive process." says Ana Cristina Magalhães, MarCom Manager at Radiometer HQ led the project.

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