Real-time airport system streamlines operations and maximises performance


Founded in 2005 and headquartered in London, UK, Rockshore is a specialist provider of real-time information management solutions.

Rockshore’s skills and expertise in complex event processing, service orientated architecture and system integration are used to develop products and services to help leading global organisations increase operational efficiency, improve decision-making and enable faster response times.

Their technology is based upon the Rockshore Event Processing Platform and is used by leading providers in transport and telecommunications to deliver accurate, real-time intelligence.

An innovative system to improve airport efficiency

Rockshore’s innovative Real-time Airport system helps international Airport Operators streamline their airport operations, improve on time performance and maximise their operating efficiency. The Airport system provides Airport Operations with information about the status of aircraft and calculates the time at which specific action needs to be taken for these aircraft to meet their appointed take-off slots. Delays are automatically signalled and their impact is visualized, in real-time.

The aviation business domain has a number of characteristics that make Rockshore’s Real-time Airport product particularly suited to a CQRS implementation:

  • A particularly complex business domain that is influenced by a range of regulatory requirements, complex business rules and implementation requirements which vary from airport to airport.
  • A need to effectively separate the rules of the business from the details of the implementation so that all stakeholders can think in terms of functional requirements and not technology constraints.
  • A requirement for the system to have a clear and accountable record of what they system was instructed to do and what actions the system took in response to those events.
  • A need to create a single, accurate, up to date model of the state of the airport.
  • A need to be able to use that model to implement consistent, understandable business processes that comply with regulatory requirements and operating standards.
  • A need to be able to provide clear, concise and timely notifications of significant business events to both users and connected systems so that they can take effective, informed, timely business decisions to ensure the efficient operation of the airport.

Additionally, a number of technical requirements in the aviation domain play to the strengths of a CQRS implementation:

  • A large number of connected systems sending data to, and receiving data from the Real-time Airport implementation.
  • High frequency, high volume incoming data feeds from a range of different systems.
  • Source systems frequently send duplicate and contradictory information that attempts to change the state of shared resources.
  • A need to filter process and prioritise data in Real-time.
  • A need to have a highly scalable, highly available system that can deal with periods of increased load and is resilient to system failures.

Custom software for custom solution

Rockshore’s Real-time Airport uses an implementation of the CQRS pattern because it provides clear benefits that satisfy many of the business and technical requirements of our business domain.

Axon is the most mature CQRS implementation on the Java platform with a very active community, good documentation and a compelling roadmap. A number of alternative CQRS frameworks were considered during the implementation of Real-time Airport. These were quickly discounted either due to lack of features or lack of on-going development.

Rockshore’s Real-time Airport uses Axon to implement a core aviation domain model to represent the operational airport and its associated elements.  The concepts and logic within the core domain model distil the incoming data into meaningful business information.  This distillation reduces complexity, conflict and contention to present a clear, accurate and up to date picture of airport operations that can be understood and acted upon by airport staff.

Collaboration is key to any successful partnership

Initial implementations of the Rockshore Real-time Airport have been highly successful. As the number of implementations at airports around the world grows, and the volume of traffic experienced by implemented system increases, we are looking for ways to effectively add a range of innovative features to our system while maintaining responsiveness and robustness.

Trifork is helping Rockshore to identify the most effective way of extending our systems and migrating our existing customers in the most efficient way. Trifork is working together to refine the implementation of the Axon Framework so that Rockshore can continue to deliver high volume, resilient, scalable systems that allow our customers to run Rockshore’s businesses in the best possible way.


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