Scan and pay functionality with your smartphone

Trifork Mobile Scan and Pay

This scan and pay functionality makes it very easy to pay bills with your smartphone.

Scan & Pay from Trifork is a native library you embed into a mobile banking application. Scan & Pay uses the phones camera to detect the code-line, dates and amounts. Scan & Pay automatically detects the information, when it is in the camera’s viewfinder – no need to take or re-take pictures.

All image detection and checksum validation is done on the phone. No back-end processing is needed.

An easy and well-proven solution.

Trifork Scan & Pay is an intuitive solution, which easily fits into your current mobile banking application or as an integrated feature into a new mobile banking alternative for your customers. It’s a well-proven and secure solution used by Danske Bank that is truly appreciated and used by both customers and banks. The camera scans a barcode or the actual payment number, date of payment and amount depending on market specific conditions.

For more than ten years, Trifork has built and strengthened mobile security knowledge and competences and today offers expert consulting and delivery on user authentication, encryption and secure integration to key data from bank core systems.

Key features

  • Scan payment details on bill with built-in camera on smartphone
  • Text line and barcode scanning
  • Secure, real-time payment of bill
  • Fast client side detection and validation
  • Solution ready for national payment slips in many different countries.

Technical details

  • For iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows
  • Automatic detection of relevant information using video stream
  • OCR, barcode and QR code components
  • Nothing is stored on the smartphone
  • Secure environment
  • Client libraries for all supported platforms
  • No back-end communication needed.


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