Digitalizing of central exams to prepare students on different levels


63ThiemeMeulenhoff is publisher of the well-known Dutch “Examenbundels”, an aid where students in preparation of their central exams learn out of.

With the future transformation of the digitalization of the central exams, ThiemeMeulenhoff wanted to realize an electronic, online version where students can prepare themselves for the central exams, while being watched and guided by their teachers: Digi-Trainer. The product has now differentiated in the various levels of education.

The application offers questions on three levels. The teacher is in control of the availability of exams and subjects, and can if necessary adjust the level for specific students. After an initial measure of the level of the student per subject, the system feeds the student a set of uniquely composed questions on his/her level to practice her skills. When successful, the student is up for the practice exams on the highest level.


Digi-Trainer is realized following the Scrum methodology, where Trifork has guided ThiemeMeulenhoff throughout the entire project. The application architecture has been setup with state-of-the-art technologies, based around Java 6; Spring Framework, Hibernate / JPA, Apache Wicket, Apache CXF. The front-end consists of XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript and Flash technologies. This platform has served as a basis for more assessment type applications within ThiemeMeulenhoff.

The application uses the open standards in the educational field (IMS Content Packaging, IMS QTI 2.1) to enable the content providers to easily offer their exams via the Digi-Trainer application.