Transition of Topdanmark into an agile and lean organization


Topdanmark is one of the largest insurance companies in Denmark with more than 2,500 people in 15 sales centers nationwide. During six months Trifork has helped Topdanmark making a 180 degree turn to become a more effective, flexible, and reliable IT-organization by adopting the principles of Agile and Lean software development.

Topdanmark handles more than 300,000 claims every year and over one million incoming phone calls. To compete in an ever-changing market the company is constantly trying to provide the best services to their customers and that requires an effective, flexible, and reliable IT-structure with focus on time-to-market, customer value, and highly skilled as well as flexible people. To meet this demand, Topdanmark has undergone the, beyond doubt, most extensive IT structural change in the history of the company: A transformation from “conventional” to “Agile”.

“This is a radical change but it was necessary. We really had no choice, as the need for IT services is constantly increasing. With a conventional setup we would have to increase our staff accordingly, but with the Agile model we are much better equipped for handling the workload without hiring more people,” says Peter Reetz, Product Owner of the agile change initiative in Topdanmark. He is most satisfied with Trifork’s way of helping Topdanmark through several critical steps along the way.

Years of experience

Topdanmark’s IT Department employs over 400 people and redefining the work routines for such a large group is not an easy task. Figuratively speaking, it is like a fully-loaded freight ship doing a 180-degree turn. Therefore, Topdanmark decided to hire external help and benefit from Trifork’s many years of expertise with agile processes.

“Trifork has helped us navigate through the rather challenging shift from a conventional IT organization to an entirely new setup with Scrum and Kanban as our key processes that will help us take on the future,” says Peter Reetz.

A very big challenge

Making such a big transition in a matter of months is always a big challenge but fortunately Trifork had commitment from the entire organization. That makes a huge difference in a situation where you introduce changes. Peter Reetz and his agile team have really helped everyone, from top-level management to the developers, understand the need for change and appreciate that Agile is the right solution for Topdanmark.

Trifork’s work at Topdanmark has primarily focused on three areas: To help Topdanmark transition their organizational structure to improved support of Agile and Scrum, educate a team of internal agile coaches and introduce Kanban to 150 employees in their IT organization.

Time to consolidate

A new era has begun. For Topdanmark, it is time to allow the new IT philosophy to settle in and pave the way for the future – a future where IT resources are focused on effectiveness and creating business value that are closely aligned with business needs and strategy – through fast feedback loops and continuous improvement.


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