Digitising Healthcare

Making a difference for healthcare professionals as well as patients. We work with some of the most exciting healthcare IT projects, ranging from national infrastructure solutions to web clients and apps

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Humanising Technology

We believe we can change the world with software. We think of smarter solutions that make life better and easier for everyone.

Next generation national, digital identity

The NemID Code App was one of the most downloaded apps in Denmark and consistently ranks in the top 5 apps in the App Store - read about the innovative solution we helped build.

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National shared entry to your doctor

Trifork combined our extensive app development expertise with years of experience in digital health to deliver the nationwide Danish solution, “My Doctor" app.

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Accountable | Curious | Passionate | Game Changers

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What We Do

With our know-how of the latest technologies that shape the fast-changing world that we live in, we challenge the status quo and co-develop customised solutions that make a difference.

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