This is Trifork

Think global, act local

Trifork was established in Denmark in 1996 and is an international software innovation company. Today, we are over 800 talented employees operating in 10 countries.

Our local units are able to draw upon a large pool of shared services, systems and competencies as well as the stability of the Trifork brand.

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We yearly organise software conferences (i.e. GOTO) for 7,500+ attendants worldwide and facilitate innovation workshops to define and develop business ideas in cooperation with our clients and to prototype digital solutions that address company specific challenges.


We build customer centric, full featured and business critical software solutions in collaboration with our clients. Full stack solutions are build with agile methods, automated testing and and user validated by our usability and design experts. Our creative employees are constantly inspiring our clients with new technologies and efficient ways of collaboration.


We operate software on the client’s premise, in a private cloud, at Trifork’s public cloud partners: AWS, Google, Microsoft & SAP or as a hybrid cloud set-up. We have 20+ years of experience in providing state-of-the-art cloud solutions.

Trifork is specialised in helping clients deliver innovative digital solutions and concepts.

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