Action on Legacy Software

The solution for your Legacy System by Trifork

At Trifork, we develop and implement customised solutions for legacy systems. We understand the uniqueness of every situation that we deal with, this is why we have developed a solution process distinctive and applicable to different business needs.

Our solution will be custom made based on your current situation and the strategy that your organisation has, by reassuring that your upgraded systems will serve your strategy and will be able to deliver.

We are well aware of the obstacles of legacy systems in relation to the needs and requirements set by modern customers, clients in the global market. These insights are analysed alongside your company’s requirements, that enable us to make your systems both future and business ready.

We offer a variety of high-end services for actioning on the different kinds and forms of legacy systems. The solutions will be custom made based on your current situation and the strategy your organisation has.

The process

We start the process by doing a thorough review of your current systems. During this review, we discuss with you the technology and functionalities that you need in order to support your strategy for now and the future, knowing that your solutions should be flexible and scalable. Together we review the software in 3 steps:

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In this document you will learn:

  • The signs on the wall: Signs to evaluate your IT systems
  • Review Process: Ensuring a solid foundation from the start
  • The plan of action: Solutions for legacy software