How AI can support you Contact Centre

Discover the value of Artificial Intelligence for your Customer Contact

The task of a Customer Contact Centre is to help the end customer quickly, efficiently and effectively. Due to the amount of information needed to be able to answer all questions and come up with the most optimal responses is not as easy as it may sound.

Routing calls through decision paths or to the right expert, can take valuable time and are not often the most customer-friendly approach. Having the right expertise at the right time at the fingertips of every agent without distracting and confusing information is the best way to optimise this process.

Trifork works on optimisation processes with their Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools. With the questions at hand and the tools available, Trifork built the Virtual Assistant in order to provide every call agent with expert knowledge and optimal first-time-right decision-making tools.

Achieving Business Objectives with our ‘Virtual Expert’ for Customer contact:

At Trifork we believe projects should benefit the organisations that we work for. Therefore we agree beforehand on the metrics we will use to measure the success of a project. Metrics we measure before and after the implementation of our Virtual Assistant often directly affect the business objectives.

Objectives that can be improved with our Virtual Expert include:
– Customer satisfaction (and/or NPS score), due to quick and correct responses.
– Cost reduction, due to reduced duration to handle the contact.
– Cost reduction, due to “first-time-right” decision making.
– Employee satisfaction, due to the ability to help the customer quickly.
– Onboarding time of new employees, due to the guidance through the information.

The Trifork Virtual Assistant can already help you achieve many of your objectives, just let us know where optimisations could be possible and needed in your contact centre.

Aritificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by Trifork
The Virtual Assistant that we have developed is only one part of what we overall do as Trifork with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You can read more about our projects and activities in these areas here: Trifork Agile Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence for today and tomorrow

We like to show you that Artificial Intelligence is not something futuristic, but it is already available and happening today. Artificial Intelligence can already assist your customer contact agents!

Please be aware that with the training data and with any other documentation we use, we will make sure that we will work in a GDPR- compliant way.

We can show you how in several ways:

1. Watch our Virtual Assistant overview video
In this video, we show what our Virtual Assistant developed for customer contact can do to assist your Agents:

– Documentation of a verbal conversation
– Recognition of keywords
– Change of information on the screen based on keywords
– Display of sentiment
– Use of external data sources
– Display of previous conversations

2. Contact us for a live demo
If you would like to see a live demo of our Virtual Assistant and chat with us about the possibilities for your organisation, feel free to contact us through the form below:
Trifork always treats your personal details with the utmost respect and use them to respond to all your requests. Please notify us if you wish to be excluded from our database.