Tech Trends 2019

Key Takeaways

  • Companies now have the opportunity to rethink the user experience
  • Understanding the user is crucial for businesses to succeed
  • Machine learning is now, more than ever, so easily accessible to developers
  • Scaling to zero with serverless is cost-effective while being in realtime
  • Hybrid cloud is going open source


  • 08.00

    Doors open for breakfast & coffee/tea

  • 08.30

    Welcome by Søren Eskildsen, CEO Denmark, Trifork

  • 08.35

    Setting the Scene by Nikolaj Winnes, Software Pilot, Trifork

  • 08.40

    The UX Side of Things by Kristian Schnedler Jørgensen, UX/Digital Designer, Duckwise
    The latest trends in high-quality user experience and design when using UI technology, such as AR/VR and assistant interfaces, highlighting the importance of emotional connection to users 

  • 09.05

    Tech Trends of 2019 by Nikolaj Winnes, Software Pilot & Nicholai Stålung, Data Scientist & ML Consultant, Trifork

    Putting it all into context with user stories and deep-diving into the technologies that make it happen, including the updates from the major players within Machine Learning, Serverless and Hybrid Cloud

  • 09.50


  • 10.00

    Thank you for today!