Enterprise Application Development

Software development that scales with your business


Organisations face a wide range of challenges aligning software development with business requirements. When testing new ideas, it’s best to start small, create a minimal viable product (MVP), test and process feedback quickly, and pivot, if necessary.

Your goal should be to spend as much time as possible working on your new ideas, confident that your technology will be able to keep pace with change.

Once you start to gain traction, it’ll be time to double-check that your team’s development capacity will be able to keep pace too – without having to rethink your entire architecture!

In short, it’s critical that product development remain scalable as your business grows.



Your legacy technologies could be a bottleneck in your organisation’s product development and growth. Why not have our experts run a health check on these systems for you? They’ll pinpoint anything standing in the way of scaling your organisation as your business grows.

What’s more, our experts can even help you resolve issues that could affect scalability in the future. Implement their recommendations yourself or request they do this for you. It’s up to you.

Either way, you can rest assured that your new systems will scale as you grow – well into the future!

We can help – whichever phase of development you’re in!


– Test new ideas and solutions frequently
– Run product trials on new versions
– Incorporate feedback as quickly as possible.
– Don’t be too ‘attached’ to earlier decisions


– Define services as models become clearer
– Scale development as your business grows
– Make sure development capacity can keep pace
– Make sure development and deployment remain independent.

Partnership is key

How we develop your enterprise application with you

The Trifork model for Enterprise application development



It’s critical we understand your business’s domain thoroughly, which is why our engineers use methods such as event storming and domain-driven design (DDD) to zero in on its essential concepts and identify the right models for your software.

We work in short bursts. In each burst, we produce a working version of your software. We then collect your feedback as quickly as possible and apply this to the next burst – constantly focusing on the most important issues. Working in this way means Trifork can respond rapidly and adapt accordingly.

Don’t be concerned about changes, change is inevitable and we understand that the best solution is always in relation to your context, so together with you, we strive for the best result.

Scaling development generally means expanding your development team. Traditionally, this would slow down development, but using microservices-based solutions, this actually speeds up the process.

We guarantee continuous development as your business grows, without the need for a dreaded, major rewrite. How? By adopting a structured approach to splitting your system into multiple services and by applying best practices such as DDD and EDA.



Trifork uses tried-and-tested, state-of-the-art, open-source technologies on every project. These include Java and Spring Framework – technologies we’ve been using for over ten years now and teaching at our very own GOTO Academy.

We’re also experts in a wide range of databases (SQL, NoSQL, search engines) and related integration technologies (messaging, REST/SOAP-based web services).

With a track record like ours, our project teams can select the best solutions for your applications with total confidence – providing you with total peace of mind.

Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)

As the birthplace of the Axon Framework, we’re one of only a few companies with significant event sourcing (ES) and command query responsibility segregation (CQRS) experience. With the rising popularity of microservices-based systems, ES and CQRS are ideally suited to building scalable, auditable applications for use in complex domains.

Cloud-Native Applications

More and more systems are using cloud-based services. We’ve taken this a step further by adopting a cloud-native approach to building and running applications, and by applying best practices such as DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

You’ll be up and running faster and more securely than you ever dreamed possible!

Review services for legacy software

As one of our services, besides custom application development, we offer you to review your current software. With a review, we can identify if the current technology is still future-proof for your organisation and/or where there are problems in stimulating innovations, new functionalities and supporting new strategies, in this changing world with higher demands from employees as well as customers.
View our ‘Review of Legacy Software’ page

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