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As part of a collaborative initiative, Trifork and GOTO are organizing a series of free virtual masterclass taster sessions with GOTO experts, followed by hands-on masterclasses on the same topics. The masterclasses and tasters will be led by some of the biggest names in the software industry!

Please note: The virtual taster sessions have limited spots available so you need to request your seat in advance.

About the event

Join us in this free 1-hour ‘Flexible Architectures: Microservices’ masterclass taster hosted by Trifork’s (name&job title of host) and led by Microservices expert Eberhard Wolff. During the session, you’ll be given a practical introduction to building a microservices architecture based on domain-driven design with bounded contexts.

This taster consists of a presentation, hands-on exercise, and Q&A session, and introduces the following topics:

  • What is Domain-driven design?
  • Finding Bounded Contexts: Foundation for decoupled microservices
  • Strategic domain-driven design basics

** All topics and much more are covered in-depth in the 2-day Flexible Architectures: Microservices virtual masterclass on December 13th & 14th**

About Eberhard Wolff

Eberhard Wolff has 15+ years of experience as an architect and consultant – often on the intersection of business and technology. As a speaker, he has given talks at international conferences and as an author, he has written more than 100 articles and books e.g. about Microservices, Technologies for Microservices, and Continuous Delivery. His technological focus is on modern architectures – often involving Cloud, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, or Microservices.

About Bas Heere

Bas has been working as a software developer since 2015 of which he spent the last three years at Trifork. At the moment, he is working on an integration platform for the Nederlandse Loterij, a gateway composed of stateless microservices.

Before joining Trifork, Bas had several other jobs. He worked as a stock and options trader on the Amsterdam stock exchange and as a trader in cocoa products. Between these jobs, Bas had his own company for 7 years in personnel recruitment.

Bas Heere

Trifork, Java Developer

Eberhard Wolff


Author of A Practical Guide to Continuous Delivery & Microservices: Flexible Software Architectures

Masterclass Taster with Eberhard Wolff