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As part of a collaborative initiative, Trifork and GOTO have organized a series of free masterclass taster events with GOTO experts and Trifork Software Engineers & Architects, leading up to the GOTO Academy’s masterclass week in September. This week will consist of back-to-back virtual masterclasses with some of the biggest names in the software industry!

Please note: The taster sessions have limited spots available so you need to request your seat in advance.

About the event

Join us in this free 1-hour “Designing Microservices” masterclass taster, hosted by Trifork’s Java Developer, Ralina Talipova and led by GOTO expert Sam Newman, you’ll be given an overview of microservices. You’ll then participate in a group discussion to explore the pros and cons of microservices, which will help you answer the question –  Should you use microservices? 

Incredibly hyped, microservices are not right for everyone, and may not be right for you. By the end of this one hour session you should have a better framing to help you decide if microservices are right for your own project.

** All topics and much more are covered in-depth in the 3-day Designing Microservices masterclass **

About Sam Newman

Sam is interested in technology at the intersection of things, from development to ops, to security, usability and organisations. After over a decade at ThoughtWorks, he is now an independent consultant. Sam is the author of “Building Microservices” from O’Reilly. He has worked with a variety of companies in multiple domains around the world, often with one foot in the developer world and another in the IT operations space. 

If you asked him what he does, he’d say ‘I work with people to build better software systems’. He has written articles, presented at conferences and sporadically commits to open source projects. While Java used to be his bread and butter, he also spends time with Ruby, Python, Javascript and Clojure, Infrastructure Automation and Cloud systems.

About Ralina Talipova

Ralina is a Software Engineer, specialized in backend development. She has been at Trifork since 2019. She has a mathematical educational background and believes that a person’s analytical skills and passion can help them learn and work with any technology.

Ralina Talipova

Trifork, Software Engineer

Sam Newman

Sam Newman & Associates, GOTO Expert

Author of best-selling books "Building Microservices" & "Monolith to Microservice"

Masterclass Taster with Sam Newman

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