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As part of a collaborative initiative, Trifork and GOTO are organizing a series of free virtual masterclass taster sessions with GOTO experts, followed by hands-on masterclasses on the same topics. The masterclasses and tasters will be led by some of the biggest names in the software industry!

Please note: The virtual taster sessions have limited spots available so you need to request your seat in advance.

About the event

Join us in this free 1-hour ‘Hack Yourself First’ virtual masterclass taster hosted by Trifork’s Java Developer, Ralina Talipova, and led by GOTO expert Scott Helme. During the session, you’ll be given a practical introduction to building fundamental security skills. This taster consists of a presentation, hands-on exercise, Q&A session and will introduce the following topics: 

  • Discovering risks via the browser
  • XSS (Cross-site Scripting)
  • Delving deeper into online risks

** All topics and much more will be covered in-depth in the 2-day Hack Yourself First masterclass taking place on November 18th & 19th in Amsterdam**

About Scott Helme

Scott Helme is a Security Researcher, international speaker, and trainer. He is also the founder of the popular and, free tools to help you deploy better security!

Scott is an absolute industry leader in many of the areas this masterclass covers and knows the tech inside and out. He’s an increasingly popular public figure at the moment too, often appearing on the BBC and other media programs (his recent appearance on BBC Click where they pull OSINT data on audience members was especially cool).

About Ralina Talipova

Ralina is a Software Engineer, specialized in backend development. She has been at Trifork since 2019. She has a mathematical educational background and believes that a person’s analytical skills and passion can help them learn and work with any technology.

Ralina Talipova

Trifork, Java Developer

Scott Helme

Report URI, GOTO Expert

International speaker, security researcher and blogger that specialises in online security

Masterclass Taster with Scott Helme