Online Meetup with Matt Turner

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As part of a collaborative initiative, Trifork and GOTO have organized a series of events with GOTO experts, Trifork Software Engineers & Architects and Tech leaders from the industry.

Join us in this online Meetup “Progressive Delivery – Cloud Native Nirvana” with Trifork’s Fullstack Developer, Taraasha Chopra, hosting GOTO expert, Matt Turner. During this one hour session, Matt is focused on showing you how to make Kubernetes and Service Mesh work together, with the addition of the final piece of the puzzle – Progressive Delivery. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session and the opportunity to network with other like-minded attendees.

About the event

You moved to Kubernetes because you were told everything would be great. But the load balancing is barely functional. So you’re thinking about adding a Service Mesh, but they look really complicated and it’s not obvious how they actually _help_.

During this online Meetup, Matt will show you how to make these two work nicely together, and how to add the final piece of the puzzle – Progressive Delivery. Together you will see how this gives you automatic canaries, deployments, and rollback, with the bonus of a bunch of metrics and auto scaling. Finally, Cloud-Native Nirvana!


17:00 | Welcome to this online Meetup from Trifork host

17:05 | Matt Turner will present his subject of the day

17:35 | Live Q&A with Matt Turner

17:55 | Thank you for joining us for this online Meetup

Taraasha Chopra

Trifork, Full Stack Developer

A decade of training and practicing as a psychologist, the question ‘How does that make you feel’ keeps coming back to her even in her journey as a Software Developer. Having experience both in and out of IT, Taraasha looks at software as a way of enriching and improving people’s lives. Currently working towards digitizing the educational sector, Taraasha has gained experience in both frontend and backend technologies at Trifork.

Although she prefers workings on frontend and user experience, she is still finding her niche in the big world of software development. Taraasha hopes her journey could help inspire more people, especially women to follow their passions in Tech.

Matt Turner

Marshall Wace, GOTO Expert

Platform Engineer

Matt is a Platform Engineer at Marshall Wace, a London asset manager. Matt’s team is responsible for infrastructure, on-prem and public-cloud, security, and developer experience. Marshall Wace’s platform has it all – old and new, Kubernetes and Kerberos.

Matt has done Dev, sometimes with added Ops, for over a decade, working at JetStack, SkyScanner, Cisco, Tetrate, and others. His idea of “full-stack” is Linux, Kubernetes, and now Istio too. He’s given lots of talks and workshops on Kubernetes and friends, and is co-organiser of the Istio London meetup. He tweets @mt165 and blogs at