Trifork sponsoring Event-driven Microservices Conference 2019

This conference, by AxonIQ, brings together a broad group of developers, architects and CTOs from the Dutch and international innovative companies. There are many good reasons to attend the Event-driven Microservices Conference 2019, it’s the place where you get an update on latest tech developments related to Event-driven architecture and DDD, CQRS and Microservices concepts. In one day, you will get insights from experts, hear about innovative projects and get in-depth view on how to use the AxonIQ products to benefit from.

Joris Kuipers CTO of Trifork in Amsterdam will present:

Day 2 problems in CQRS and Event Sourcing

You’ve seen the talks, read the blogs and even built the proof-of-concept, and now you know: your next system will be using CQRS and event-sourcing! And you’re probably right: these patterns provide several unique advantages, and when you’re using Axon you’ll be benefiting from years of experience from the people pioneering this approach on the JVM.

Unfortunately, no framework can shield you from having to deal with the “Day 2 problems” that will arise once your system is running in production and you’re busy evolving it. In this talk, Joris will address some of these issues, such as deploying updates (need for custom migration tools, problems with blue-green deploys and rolling back updates), evolving aggregates with many events, sharing events that used to be private between services when breaking up your applications, and other things you don’t typically hear about from the enthusiasts who only just started to work with this approach. But fear not: apart from raising issues, Joris will share approaches to deal with them as well, leaving you prepared to evolve your application so it can live happily ever after in production!