Machine Learning for Axon

Machine Learning for Axon by Trifork.

Turn Business Challenges into insights with ML4Axon
Machine Learning can create lots of value in the business processes, when applied appropriately. The search for any solution needs to start with a business challenge. Once a Machine Learning solution has been created, it needs to be incorporated into the relevant processes to reap the benefits in business value.

Many companies recognize the benefits from using Axon Framework. It provides a scalable solution that offers an event-sourced way of keeping a perfect history ideal for auditing. If companies are working with Axon Framework, being able to predict certain things happening is important to them. The data from the Event Store can provide a lot of insights when operated on with the right tools and techniques. With Machine Learning much is possible in for example recognising patterns, predicting future trends, predicting individual behaviour by analyzing events and combining them with other data sources.

Our customer ETPA about ML for Axon by Trifork

In practise

We use Trifork’s Machine Learning services to better understand what our customers need from us in terms of server load. The accurate forecasts allow us to precisely estimate when we need to scale up the capacity of our trading platform to best facilitate energy trading in the marketplace.”

“The insights also help us understand whether and when the electricity system is at a higher risk of possible imbalance between supply and demand for certain periods of time. This helps all parties involved in the electricity network to identify in time when it is needed to scale up. This allows us to ensure the stability of the network and continue to meet energy demand.”

Jorrit Nijholt, Head of IT ETPA

The Axon portfolio makes it possible
Trifork has been implementing enterprise-level applications using Axon Framework. We know the ins and outs of Domain Driven Design as well as the impact of a CQRS architecture. We have applied our tried and tested Agile Machine Learning approach to data stored in an Axon Event Store. This has resulted in new insights into predictive maintenance and capacity projections. We see opportunities for a great range of business applications and would like to help you achieve more with your event-sourced database. To read more about how you can get more value out of your Axon Framework application, fill out the form and receive the information sheet.
This service is part of our AI & ML portfolio about which you are read more: Trifork Agile Machine Learning

Trifork blog

On the Trifork tech blog a post was written on the technical aspects of Machine Learning with the Axon Framework. It goes into the three main principles of Axon; aggregates, repositories and events and how these can be use for Machine Learning.

You can read this blog here:

The potential of Machine Learning with the Axon Framework


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