Trifork Machine Learning Hackathon

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Sharing knowledge and expertise
Sharing knowledge is one of the key values at Trifork. It is why we have our developers blog and we organise events and training courses.
Through our experience bringing Machine Learning solutions to our clients’ real business problems, we have acquired skills on what to do and what not to. We would like to share this knowledge with you.

Machine Learning at Trifork
Many companies consider applying Machine Learning, and some indeed are, but few really know how they can reap its benefits. At Trifork we believe Machine Learning can only be effective when used in real-world situations and applications. We keep our development cycle short so that we can prove value on the short term!

We believe in the added value of Machine Learning and we want to help you gain practical skills by sharing our knowledge! We’re organising a Hackathon so you can see and experience what Machine Learning is all about. You will have a taste of it and have an idea how ML will be valuable for your organisation by expanding your skill set.

During the Hackathon you will:
– Dive deep into working with large sets of natural text working with tools such as Pandas, SciKit Learn and Seaborn using Jupyter Notebooks
– Learn how to assess the most important properties of a dataset
– Get to know the different ways to measure the quality of your model
– Work with different kinds of models and compare their results
– … Learn from experts and have fun doing it!

Sign up for the Hackathon?
If you answer positively to these questions, sign up and find out ML for yourself.
– Would you like to have a taste of Machine Learning?
– Do you want more practical Machine Learning experience?
– Would you like to improve your skill set under the guidance of experts?
– And do you have some Python and/or Java experience?

We have limited seats available, so don’t wait but sign up today!