Predictive Approach to Machine Learning Functionality

Agile Machine Learning by Trifork

Agile Machine Learning.

We have moved from the age of information storage to the age of intelligent information retrieval. Unfortunately, many professionals still need to dig for data in an intensive process. By making clever use of ML techniques that can turn existing data into actionable recommendations, or pinpoint the answer to your question in a split second.In an Agile-ML project we can help you get the most out of your existing data by:

Extracting knowledge
Algorithms learn patterns, resulting in relevant, actionable insights to make your work easier.

Automate repetitive tasks, let algorithms do the boring tasks.

Improve your products with personalized content.

Data Driven
Combine data from multiple sources and let the computer extract patterns and knowledge in real-time.

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Getting things started with focused workshops allows discovery of the right questions to ask, data availability and the potential use-cases. Value and potential is discussed to find the most promising

We use an agile, iterative approach. After finding the right business-centric questions to ask of your data, we work at developing and evaluating proofs of concept. This kick-starts a quick feedback and improve cycle.

The developed machine learning solutions are evaluated and improved with feedback from real users. The final solution is a production-ready component that can be used in production systems.

Short, agile development cycles and quick feedback mean you get advanced results on a fair budget. Our tools are proven and open-source based, which means a stable solution with no license fees.

Download Datasheet

Agile Machine Learning Datasheet

Download the full Machine Learning Datasheet providing you with the examples and detailed information on the Agile Machine Learning Process

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