MongooseIM 2.0.0 is offering the power of an XMPP platform to REST API developers and companies worldwide. This client-side REST API interface to the MongooseIM platform was built by removing all the complexities of XMPP and by switching from XML to JSON.

It is now possible to build massively scalable chat system with the MongooseIM platform while keeping a very fast time-to-market with minimal initial developers investment, virtually no learning curve, and lowering the risk of developer turnover. Ideal for applications builders who want to add chat (instant messaging) in their multi- screen apps, for higher and sustainable acquisition, retention, and engagement.

The MongooseIM client-side REST API is all you need to quickstart a highly efficient client application, with a flexible and powerful backend that will scale to millions.

We offer a simplified and compatible messaging experience with a REST API; both for backend integration, and for client/server development. This is a major step towards the game-changing version 2.0.0 to tremendously lower the barrier of entry to our platform for most developers worldwide. As a result, it is now much easier for backend developers to write code against MongooseIM, and maintain it. Also it is much easier for DevOps to interconnect MongooseIM with other servers. Overall, CTOs will be thrilled to have a more consistent set of backends that all discuss over REST APIs, for a seamless infrastructure maintenance experience.

With our new MongooseIM 2.0.0 version we are not breaking out of XMPP! We are offering the power of an XMPP platform to REST API developers worldwide. The MongooseIM platform is based on the XMPP protocol and its philosophy. XMPP is an open standards protocol, backed by both the XSF and the IETF, offering high flexibility and outstanding extensibility. It is always surprising in many ways, as mature features often reveal themselves as highly efficient in modern and contemporary contexts. Our client-side REST API is an addition to XMPP in MongooseIM.

We have contributed tested features to Android and iOS libraries
We contribute to both open standards, and open source software, whether we maintain it, or it is maintained by friends. For example, we contribute to XMPPFramework for iOS, and Smack for Android. We now offer a consistent set of features over MongooseIM server, Smack, and XMPPFramework: a given feature we support is available and tested on the three.
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We encourage everyone to play with the REST API on both backend and clients, PubSub and MUC light. Simply download it from our github

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