Order & Pay

More recurring purchases and stronger customer relationships

Make shopping smarter for you and your customers by letting customers plan and pay for ordered products on their mobile before pickup.

Do you want to make the shopping experience even easier for your customers? Do your customers get tired of standing in line to pay for their goods? Do they already know exactly what products they want to buy? Do you experience customers leaving your store because the queue is too long? Do customers go elsewhere because it is more convenient? What if your customers could order from home, at work or on the go, pay in the app and pickup the ordered goods at the desired time, thereby being able to shop when it is convenient for them and avoid standing in line.

Order & Pay is a mobile application with an associated backend that allows retailers in a cost efficient way and with a short time to market to get started with mobile commerce. The solution is easily branded to match your existing design guidelines.


With Order & Pay you can offer a fast and hassle-free shopping experience to your customers. By giving them an easy way of ordering and paying before entering your shop, your customers can make planned purchases exactly when it suits them, and avoid having to wait in line as their orders will already be ready for pickup. The benefit for you is that you know the orders up front, thereby allowing you better resource planning regarding both goods and staff. It might no longer be necessary with the same amount of staff in the peak hours, as the orders could be pre-packaged earlier.

Key Features

We provide a set of smartphone apps (iOS and Android) as well as a corresponding backend. The apps contain the following functionalities:

  • Simple product picker
  • Product details
  • Shop picker
  • Time of delivery picker
  • List of previous orders
  • Receipts (barcode, QR code, order no. etc)
  • Integration to MobilePay by Danske Bank
  • Easy skinning for the look-and-feel of your company

The apps are designed to allow for easy skinning, making it fast to convert the Order & Pay product into something that has the look-and-feel of your company. Should you have special needs we can, of course, help you implement those as well.

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Order & Pay Product Sheet

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