Creating unique interactive presentations for exceptional customer experience.

Do you find it a recurring burden for your sales force to obtain the latest version of your sales presentations, register activities after sales meetings and sending presented material to customers? Then Presenter is what you are looking for to efficiently support your sales activities.

Modern, professional, mobile & empowered. This is what your sales force will be and what your customers will think of when you are using the Presenter technology. Presenter lets your employees be present and support their personal performance.

Presenter is a convenient and time saving application suitable for managing a portfolio of different documents while efficiently empowering your professional sales organization. Presenter provides a complete overview of all updated company presentations and documents. Presenter is an intuitive and powerful visual tool providing the latest presentations, product information, promotions, prices, documentation and much more.

And if that is not enough you can add great extra features like Sign-Now function and 3D Viewer. Sign-Now makes it possible to sign contract on the go while you close the deal with the customer. 3D Viewer function enables you to display your products in amazing 3D

Presenter enables the sales team to have relevant and updated material from the corporate CMS on their iPads at all times. From the iPad, they can quickly drag and drop different presentations including PDF’s, videos and pictures and compose a tailor made presentation targeted a specific customer. Also, the presentation can easily be sent to the customer with a note after the meeting. Manage and update all your company files from a central point and control whom gets access. Presenter automatically synchronize with the companies CMS and with notification on the iPad if there is any updated or new files. Hereby your material is always up-to-date.

Presenter can also come in handy once the sales person needs to register activities in the CRM System. This is done automatically during the sales presentation and by using discrete touch mechanisms on the iPad. Thereby, relevant data about usage of presentations and customer preferred slides of information is stored.

By using Presenter, it takes less time for the sales team to prepare and follow up on sales activities. Consequently, giving more time for them to schedule and carry through meetings. Meanwhile, management can use Presenter to keep track of what products are presented the most and what sales material is used most frequently.

Presenter is a multi-utility product perfect suitable for all kinds of professional presentation and documentation. Presenter can of course also be used for HR, Education, Documentation, Board meetings and meetings in general. All updated materials are at your control so you can focus on your presentation and personal appearance. You can also use Presenter in a learning environment. For instance training in Health, Safety and Environment situations.

Presenter is a license based product, scalable and easy to implement. Presenter is innovative and easy to use and to manage for the company. Presenter is an out-of-the-box product ready to use immediately. All you have to do is order and:
1. Send your cooperate company brand and graphics
2. Send login to your content systems for integration
3. Download Presenter app and you are on the go creating exceptional customer experience


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Key Features

Your brand

Presenter is customized and designed in your company brand and graphics


A secure mobile extranet with permission and administration

Easy distribution

Updated files and presentation at your hand even offline.Synchronize with notifications of updated files.

Easy to use

Empowering all your colleges on the road and let them do the talking

Easy integration

Integrate with your existing systems and supports all Content Management systems and Intranets and connect with all CRM systems for easy registration


Support all platform: iOS, Android, Windows 8 and includes reporting & statistics

All tablets

Presenter runs on any tablet or even on an iPhone.

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