Based on Open Standards

The player is completely based on QTI, a world-wide standard from IMS Global. This ensures interoperability with many platforms.

Wide choice in question types

The QTI standard provide a rich set of question types out of the box, but via extensions you can provide your own custom built questions

Easy integration in customized assessment platforms

Providing a wide array of APIs, Trifork's QTI player is designed to blend-in into your learning environment.

Multi-platform, drag-and-drop even on iPads

Being fully compatible with HTML5, all standard interactions can be delivered in any modern browser. No matter of platform, device, the QTI engine can deliver your assessments without any problems.

Product sheet

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Adaptive, scalable learning environment for students

Main features

The main features of the QTI Assessment Delivery Engine are:

  • Multi-platform
  • Supports scalability and high-performance
  • Secure and robust
  • Support for QTI 2.1 question and response types
  • Built for customization and extension

The assessment delivery engine is a state-of-the-art player capable of delivering and automatically scoring QTI assessments. This engine delivers the latest version of IMS QTI assessments to any HTML capable device.

Case studies

Trifork is experienced with implementing the QTI Assessment Delivery Engine in customer projects and are also actively involved with the work group set up by the IMS Global. Our vast experience in the Education domain combined with our own research and dedication to the future of digital advancements within this sector make us the perfect software development partner.