Secure Device Grid

Secure, scalable connectivity infrastructure for IoT devices

Secure Device Grid

Secure Device Grid (SDG) provides a highly scalable IoT security framework

The product consists of a set of client modules that can be integrated into embedded devices or mobile applications and an accompanying cloud service that provides connectivity across network protection boundaries such as NAT routers.

Control your device any place any where any time

Secure Device Grid provides you with an efficient framework to connect your device to a smartphone. It enables you to register the local device and any smartphone to a central Secure Device Grid service and hereafter pair your device and smartphone. Secure Device Grid enables you to use any protocol using secure and fault-tolerant peer-to-peer connection between your device and the smartphone.

Zero Configuration networking

With Secure Device Grid you benefit from an automated mechanism to create an Internet Protocol (IP) connection through firewalls and routers. This enables the device to be accessible and communicate with any paired device without compromising the security. Secure Device Grid provides a 256-bit elliptic curve encrypted communication protocol securing your communication between the device and smartphone.

Customer Case: Danfoss Link

With the help of Secure Device Grid, Trifork has helped Danfoss innovate their value propositions, and made it a hassle free experience for their customers to control their home heating system with a single touch.

  • Home automation devices
  • Building management solutions
  • Machine to machine communication
  • Metering
  • Geo-location
  • Mobile remote device access
  • Key-less door locks
Using industry standard Elliptic Curve Cryptography, powered by Curve25519, providing end-to-end security, SDG safe guards against privacy issues and 3rd party snooping.

The system has no back door; the SDG cloud servers cannot observe or change the contents of messages transmitted between paired devices.

SDG uses a familiar access pattern known from Bluetooth devices: A user authorizes a pairing of two devices using a pin code. After such a pairing, the two devices can reach each other locally or remotely by indirection of the SDG cloud service.

Once paired, two devices can interact with no Internet connectivity using LAN or WiFi technology. The cloud services are hosted in multiple locations allowing the system to provide very high availability

Depending on need, the SDG cloud services can be deployed with geo-scaling, which allows improving connection speed. Shared hosting infrastructure, allows SDG to provide a very attractive cost per unit for connected devices.

Developers can use the Secure Device Grid client API’s to establish connections securely passing any kind of messages or data across these channels.

Client software is available for integration with the following platforms:
iOS 7+
Android 4+
Windows Phone 8+
Windows Embedded/ Windows 10 IoT Core
Linux and BSD-based Platforms
Texas Instruments CC3200 series
Broadcom WICED WiFi Board
Other platforms available on request. The client module can be linked into client applications, or run as a separate service available via on-host IPC mechanisms.
The client module requires network access, and down to 50K of memory on small embedded device.
Both peers and cloud infrastructure can be configured to provide varying levels of privacy depending on customer needs. A primary criterion for many customers is that SDG traffic should not reveal information that can be used to establish a user’s current physical location.

For management and customer support however, it may be desirable to selectively keep records of certain interactions for a limited time. Thorough security model documentation is available upon request.

Integration services for applications and embedded devices. Management and support console applications. Custom security configurations

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Secure Device Grid Product Sheet

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Key Features

Single solution

Single go-to solution for complex
cross-platform network infrastructure


Secure end-to-end connectivity
with no central storage of credentials.


Authenticate that peers are compatible or from the same manufacturer.

Cross-platform functionality

Cross-platform client libraries can easily be ported to new embedded platforms


Integration to popular mobile infrastructure for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Cloud based infrastructure

Erlang based cloud infrastructure provides high scalability and availability