Trifork T4

The Application Server

The Trifork T4 Enterprise Application Server is a complete, J2EE compatible application server built to manage demands at enterprise level. It offers high speed access to the internet, JSP, Web services and EJB-services by keeping resource consumption low and allowing multiple users and transactions on the same hardware. The very low memory footprint of the Trifork T4 Application Server makes it easy for developers to run the application server, database and other development tools directly on their own computer. As both the installation – and runtime-size of Trifork T4 is significantly lower than that of the competitors, Trifork T4 is the ideal candidate for the embedment in other systems. Trifork T4 is particularly suitable for repacking and redistribution, as a part of a third party solution and other software provider offers. One example is the T4 installation procedure, which seamlessly integrate in third party product installations. All management of Trifork T4 is available via the APIs using Java Management Extensions and other J2EE™ interfaces in order for the program, which embeds Trifork T4, to manage all aspects of the running server without the end user ever noticing the application server.

Component based security modules

Hot Deployment: With the Trifork Server, Hot Deployment is the combination of several characteristics. Your IDE alone defines your setup: Merely let Trifork T4 run in the background and keep using your IDEs as usual. The moment you choose to save something in your IDE, the server intercepts your code changes and automatically rereads everything, which reduces turnaround-time to about one second. Never restart the server! Applications, WARs, JARs etc., are deployed to a running application server merely by saving it in the repository of the running server.
With the in-place deployment the saved material is not even an archive but a reference to a folder. When the server needs a file (say, being a server for a JSP-file), it will be read from a folder, indicated at the time of deployment. Thus, simple changes in JSPs and static content, images and HTML-documents can be updated on an ongoing basis. Making the application server reread compiled classes, the system container which owns the application is simply restarted.

Mapped Archives

With Trifork T4, your application (.ear / .jar /.war / .rar) can be described by using an XML-descriptor instead of the current archive file/folder. This descriptor depicts folders and files in a logical folder and becomes a deployable abstraction of the folder. Both absolute and relative paths can be used for the identification of files and folders. You can even indicate jar files recursively in the depiction descriptor, ie., by describing a War-file embedded in an ear file.

Persistent web sessions

To continue a web-session over redeployment or server restart.

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The Trifork T4 Application Server is a comprehensive solution for your application infrastructure, containing several characteristics which increase usability:

  • Servlet 2.4 and Java ServerPages 2.0
  • Enterprise Java Beans ™ 2.1
  • Java Message Service 1.0.1
    JAX RPC 1.0, JAXR og SAAJ
  • Full support of SOAP 1.1, WSDL 1.1, and WS-I Basic Profile 1.0
  • Includes UDDI Registry
  • Basic Authentication, Digest Authentication and SSL/certified based login.
  • CORBA interoperability with CSIv2 wire-plan security.
  • JCA and LDAP integration.
  • Multi-OS support; Linux ™, Solaris ™, Windows ™, AIX ™, Mac OS X ™ and other.
  • Pure Java-implementation enabling you to use your existing hardware investments.
  • Extremely low memory footprint.
  • Web-based server management and configuration.
  • Command line based server management and configuration.
  • Complete ANT integration.
  • Client management: Gives you the possibility of centrally managing and monitor rich clients
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