Cloud Sprint for SAP

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Let’s sprint

A super-optimised workshop, where you and your team get hands-on skills and know-how to accelerate SAP applications on your Google Cloud Platform.

Early 2017, Google Cloud and SAP announced their partnership. Together, they form a highly complementary relationship.

In collaboration with Trifork, Google’s experts will lead your team through highly interactive discussions and whiteboarding sessions, reviewing target SAP applications to migrate to your Google Cloud Platform.
Finalising the dynamic process in work groups to determine the design and configuration for migrating the application by the end of the Cloud Sprint workshop.

During this Cloud Sprint for SAP workshop, Trifork and Google together work alongside your team members to help you gain first-hand experience with cloud solutions, familiarize yourselves with required deployment activities, and understand next steps for future SAP application migrations to Google Cloud Platform.

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The workshop flow

  1. Let’s explore
    Review and discuss target SAP applications and requirements. Examine relevant architectures and use cases.

  2. Discovering design
    Work through detailed design considerations on implementation topics, such as: as-is and to-be SAP application landscape architecture, migration strategy, Google Cloud Platform project structure, network architecture, identity access management, resource management, user and group provisioning, billing, monitoring, and security policies. Take into consideration best practices and typical pitfalls to avoid.

  3. Deploy SAP Application
    Break-out into working teams to set up SAP-specific foundational elements and deploy agreed-upon SAP application on Google Cloud Platform. Perform technical validation and measurement against metrics.

  4. Framing next steps
    Review and summarize key decisions, dependencies, issues, and lessons learned. Identify open questions, action items, and recommended next steps for undertaking an extensive cloud project.

Gain agility

Migrate your Enterprise Resource Planning workloads to Public Cloud Infrastructure

Today’s business enterprises are making sizeable capital investments in information technology, and many are weighing the pros and cons of using the cloud for all applications. However, the migration of mission-critical Enterprise Resource Planning workloads like SAP come with some unique considerations.

Get strong insights through this IDC report sponsored by Google Cloud and you will learn:

  • What challenges you face by moving mission-critical Enterprise Resource Planning applications to the cloud
  • How to take advantage of Google Cloud’s analytics and open-sourced solutions as a benefit of migration to the public cloud
  • Why Google Cloud is the leading solution for mission-critical SAP applications

Get in touch with us with any questions about the workshop or your specific needs or challenges.

Work with the Google experts-team

Trifork is an appointed Google PSO partner – a Partner Solutions Organization for Google.
We build on the Google know-how and muscle power and add our own vast strategic and hands-on experience to deliver, what you need.

From custom solutions to program packages, Trifork grants you a unique service to match your business needs.

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