AxonIQ is a provider of a software platform for event-based micro-services systems. They offer multiple products, one is an open source Axon Framework, a popular Java-based framework enabling a seamless evolution of applications.

Its commercial products are AxonDB, a purpose built event store and AxonHub, unified messaging platform for commands, events and queries. They also offer support and education. Used by demanding sectors AxonIQ is helping to fine-tune the architecture of data-intensive systems.

Container Solutions

As experts in Cloud Native strategy and technology, Container Solutions support their clients with migrations to the cloud. Their unique approach starts with understanding the specific customer needs. Then, together with your team, they design and implement custom solutions that last.

Container Solutions’ diverse team of experts is equipped with a broad range of Cloud Native skills, with a focus on distributed system development. Container Solutions have global perspective with offices in Europe and Canada.

Dawn Health

Dawn Health is a global life science and public healthcare services company. We deliver strategic consulting and develop innovative digital health solutions with the ultimate goal of helping people live longer and better lives.

As a full-fledged ISO 13485 certified supplier of regulated end-to-end digital health products, Dawn Health delivers value throughout the entire project lifecycle from idea generation and execution, to ongoing maintenance, support, and user acquisition strategy.


Duckwise is a digital design agency based in Denmark. They are a team of friendly, digital makers, passionate about exploring the digital landscape and solving problems with design and technology while having fun. Duckwise helps companies connect with customers through great digital experiences.

Today customers equal users, and at Duckwise they are dedicated to crafting intuitive, engaging digital solutions that add value to their clients’ businesses. They work across all screens and with all types of clients.

Google Cloud

Google’s mission is to organise the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube. Google Cloud Platform provides Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service, and Serverless computing environments.


Created for developers, by developers, GOTO brings together leading industry experts, top practitioners and the best minds in the global software community to share their insights and practical know-how on the most interesting and important topics and technologies.

With international conferences, workshops and evening events, GOTO is the meeting place for innovators and thought leaders from startups and enterprises to learn, discuss and connect with both local and global software development communities.

GOTO; Academy

The software industry is under constant development. At GOTO Academy we're dedicated to encouraging an environment of continuous learning and innovation.

We offer a growing set of training courses and workshops focused on Software Developers, Software Engineers and Software Architects, which are delivered either on-site (at your company) or at our training facilities.

Hike one

Hike One are one of the finest teams of digital designers in The Netherlands. They can guide you to new and better digital products. Currently they are a team of 60 designers with locations in Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

At Hike One they get happy when digital things work smoothly and look awesome. They produce design for small startups as well as bigger companies like Philips, Unilever and Liberty Global.


Humio is a log aggregation and analysis tool for Developers and Operation teams.

Handling 1TB/day of raw log ingest on a single node and without doing any indexing, real-time querying and an intuitive query language empower you to instantly explore, monitor, and visualise any system’s metrics at the right time.

Humio is available On-Premise and in the Cloud.


Invokers deliver Business Value Through User Experience by extending existing SAP business processes to simple, high-performing mobile and web solutions. They specialise in the entire process from design, driven by their unique Effective Design Thinking, to development and implementation- always with a special focus on the end-user.

Invokers utilise the SAP Cloud Platform as a complete innovation platform that delivers record high return on investment and satisfied end-users.


Netic delivers 24/7 business continuity to private companies and public institutions. Every day Netic strives to be an available, proactive and agile partner with the highest level of professionalism. The core business is, and has always been IT operations and hosting—including application management.

Netic helps to ensure your business is running 24/7, with secure, stable and high-performance operation. Netic also provides customised solutions, designed to meet the needs of each individual customer.


OpenCredo is a UK based hands-on software technology consultancy delivering innovation through highly experienced teams. They specialise in high quality technical solutions across the Cloud, Data Engineering and Application Architecture spaces.

While OpenCredo has active partnerships with the world’s leading technology organisations, they remain independent and don’t resell ensuring their advice is always impartial and in the best interest of clients.


Pivotal combines our cloud-native platform, developer tools, and unique methodology to help the world’s largest companies transform the way they build and run their most important applications.

Our technology is used by Global 2000 companies to achieve strategic advantages in software development and IT operations.

Trifork B.V. is a Pivotal Authorised Training Partner and provides Core Spring training.


The company was founded in 2013 and has been the leading independent SAP basis company in Denmark ever since. SAPBASIS delivers professional services by providing SAP technical advisory, consultancy and 24/7 operations of SAP applications on premise, in private or public clouds.

SAPBASIS offers expert SAP Basis services, but on fair and simple terms. No complex contractual relationships, no square boxes, less rules – whatever your desire, they deliver! In short, their philosophy is ‘expertise made fair’.


TestHuset is a preferred partner and advisor within the quality assurance of IT-solutions. They are specialised in improving business value and end-user experience by measuring, assuring and optimising the quality of software.

Our focus is on helping the clients to deliver code faster and create more value, without compromising on quality. Building on years of expertise, we assist more than 100 clients every year with strategic solutions and a full range of quality services.

Trifork Operations

Trifork Operations delivers 24/7 business continuity to organisations in The Netherlands. Their core business is IT operations and hosting, including application management. Every day Trifork Operations strives to be an available, proactive and agile partner.

Trifork Operations helps to ensure your business is running 24/7 with high-performance operation. They provide customised solutions, designed to meet the needs of the customer. Trifork Operations is a Business Unit of Trifork in The Netherlands.