Donate to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Other, March 8, 2022

Other, March 8, 2022

Dear friends of Trifork

The situation in Ukraine is very dire. The tragic events remind us that we are very far from the sense of normalcy we were all hoping for. Though we can’t change the situation, we can do our best to support the organisations that help on the ground in the most critical areas.

With that in mind Trifork has started a donation programme to raise much needed funds for the Red Cross who are working to provide essential humanitarian aid in Ukraine. We would like to ask all of you, dear colleagues and friends of Trifork, to help us raise money. Your donation will help those affected get food, medicine, shelter and water. The Trifork Group will donate €50.000 and we encourage everybody else to donate on top of that.

How to donate:
1. Go to
2. Add your donation (DKK or Euros = no fee, any other currency 1,5% fee on top of your donation)
3. Feel free to share the Trifork donation programme with your personal network

Your donation makes a difference, no matter the amount.

Thank you for the support!