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What do you love most about your job?

I am a human-focused person and I love the freedom to be creative!

“Working with Design Thinking allows me to work with these elements. Design Thinking allows us to come up with entirely new ways of solving problems that have not necessarily been explored yet.

Overcoming challenges, scouting for new opportunities in the horizon and bringing the most ambitious visions to life – whether it’s in my personal or professional life – is a great passion of mine.”

Julie, Design Thinker

London, United Kingdom

What does software development mean to you?

By simply writing code, I feel like I’m helping change the world

“Sailing is a huge passion of mine and it’s a lot like software development actually…working in agile teams who work swiftly and on their feet to get through unexpected challenges. It’s really motivating for me to see the solutions that I help create make an impact.”

Nicholai, Lead Data Scientist

Copenhagen, Denmark

What drives you?

When I’m not travelling the world or spending time with my family, I love making people’s lives easier…

“The core of my job is to clarify challenges and goals of our customers, and more importantly to find the best way to get there.

In the end, what motivates me the most is to see my designs brought to life, bringing the end-users great value.”

Simone, Digital Designer

Copenhagen, Denmark

The values that define us

A team of teams united by shared values

Software is not about
launching solutions
— it’s about people

We make live better and easier for customers, patients, citizens, and colleagues by creating smarter solutions.

Our end-to-end capabilities enables us to take on even the biggest challenges, knowing we’ve got what it takes to bring the most ambitious visions come life. Like improving the world.

  • Big in a small way

    Our customers benefit from a wide scope of knowledge, experience and skills across our brand, while working closely with their lean and local business units

  • Local presence

    Business units of no more than 50 people, sharing best practices across the company, give an informal and personal style of communication with our customers, allowing us to address any challenges head on together

  • Passion

    Curious by nature in the potential of new technologies, we all share an interest in being first movers and engage closely with our customers and integrate them in our development process.

  • Accountability

    Our self-contained units, which are promoted by a high degree of autonomy, are empowered to take ownership over their work to maximise creativity & innovation with our customers

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